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Cole Hamels Trade Rumors: Phillies Reopen Contract Talks

The Philadelphia Phillies seem like they don't want to trade Cole Hamels, one of their aces and 2008 World Series MVP. The Phillies once again have reopened contract talks with Hamels, according to a CSN Philly report.

Despite reports that have said there have been no substantive negotiations between the two sides in weeks, sources say the lines of communication between the Phillies and Hamels' agent, John Boggs, are open and that dealings between the two sides are reaching a crucial stage.

Well, that's certainly interesting -- and you'd think that it means that there's a chance Hamels could remain in Philadelphia for years to come. While there's always a chance (just ask Mary Swanson), the Phillies and Hamels are still reportedly far apart on years.

According to sources, not much has changed since spring training. That's when sources said the Phillies were comfortable with the amount of money they'd have to pay Hamels - something likely approaching the $24 million per season that they are paying Cliff Lee - but length of contract was the sticking point. The Phillies at first wanted to do a four-year deal, but Hamels wanted more.

Though this isn't a trade rumor per se, this could very well affect how the Rangers value Hamels going forward. If he's intent on getting six or seven years at nearly $25 million per year, then he's almost certainly going to have to test the free agent market, meaning, he'd likely be a rental for the Rangers.

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