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Google Translation Of Yu Darvish's Post Game Tweet (4/30)

Few things are more hilarious than what Google Translate tries to make of non-English languages. With that in mind, we should be keeping up on what it thinks Yu Darvish is saying in his post-game Tweets.

For instance, tonight:

I was able started against Blue Jays, raise the victory in four runs four hits and one seven times. Almost not throw today, so that did not run straight, at the breaking ball was wearing a Kankyu. So thank me is to also cover ally. Thank you for your support!

Raise the victory in four! Darvish has been Tweeting a synopsis of his starts every game, though, so we'll catch up on the previous four starts after the jump.

Started against the Yankees, win three hits and no runs in 1/3 7 8 times. It was also stable ball control was used to Kankyu. Was helped also by the side of Koshu. I want to throw next firmly. Thank you for your support!

Runs two hits and one win in 1/3 2 6 times. I was able to calmly throw was one of the best hitters in the major. Thanks also to cover the offense is. I realize that I want to go this remains in my getting better little by little so. Thank you for your support!

Neutral hits and two runs in winning or losing 2/3 9 5 times and then started against Twins. The team won 6-2! I hit the content was not bad either, but was struck. Finally I got off the mound, leaving runners on balls is that it is mortifying. Every time I harvest some, but not be able to study. Thank you for your support!

Hits and five runs in a win 2/3 8 5 times. Tenaciously, but was the worst condition, with strong feelings threw. First outing every year - I have a hard time feeling and the body does not match. Was reversed in the home run beat me but four batters! I'm glad they won the game team!

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.