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Details On Holland Extension Released

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Over at Lone Star Ball, Adam Morris has collected today's Tweets regarding the particulars of the Derek Holland extension, and it looks pretty friendly.

It seems the Rangers have the the 25 year old for the next five years -- again, buying out his arbitration years and one year of free agency -- at $28.5 million, with club option years of 11 and 11.5 million potentially adding another two years. Meaning his entire peak, should he follow a normal aging curve, will be in Texas.


For reference, FanGraphs last season placed the value of a marginal win added off the free agent market at %4.5 million; they valued Derek Holland at $16.1 million, well more than he will make in any year of this contract.


For the next five seasons, Holland will be an outrageous bargain if he takes even the slightest step forward in his progression, and for the last two seasons he merely needs to stay an above-average pitcher to remain a bargain. If he's not, we'll be heartbroken, but if these are club options it will be no harm done to the team.


This is fantastic.

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