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The Rest Of The Baseball World On Michael Young

Sometimes, a Rangers story is big enough to be covered by non-Rangers-centric outlets. For instance, last night you could have turned on the MLB Network and found Brian Jordan explaining to you that Michael Young is not on the downside of his career.

I have a few links to other folks weighing in Mr. Young from around the Internet, starting with FanGraphs. First, Dave Cameron tells us why a trade for Carlos Lee would make sense. I'm still mulling over whether I agree with him in my mind, but I think I'd rather try and save money and get something like the oft discussed Esmil Rodgers of the Rockies.

Joe Pawlikowski expands on Cameron's thoughts, brainstorming possible trades with everyone on Young's Yes Trade list. Except for the Rockies, who are the most frequently discussed team.

Speaking of FanGraphs, there are two other links you might find interesting over there today, one happy and one sad. Bad news first: Eno Sarris discusses why he thinks it's unlikely Neftali Feliz will start. But then there's this awesome new way to organize FanGraphs' excellent statistics in to leaderboards by best seasons or stretches. For instance, if you  wanted a starting point for the popular Player of the '90s debate, you could organize Wins Above Replacement from 1990-1999 (pro tip: Barry Bonds).

Diverging from FanGraphs slightly, at NotGraphs, Matt Klaassen has some exclusive footage of Jon Daniels being honest with Young.

Steve Goldman (behind a pay wall) talks about Michael Young's urge to avoid the junk drawer at Baseball Prospectus.

Jay Jaffee has also talked about it on Pinstriped Bible, focusing on Young's relatively large home/road splits.

As for Young, he can agitate for a trade all he want, and at some point the Rangers are likely to accommodate him. But unless he gets traded to the Rockies — a distinct possibility given the latter’s second base situation and the recent talks between the two clubs — he’s going to miss Texas far more than he realizes.

Finally, some high-level snark from Dan Szymborski. If you want more, observe his Twitter feed last night.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.