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Victor Rojas: Michael Young Trade Is Happening

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Victor Rojas, former radio broadcaster of the Texas Rangers, tweeted Saturday afternoon that the Rangers will indeed trade third baseman and designated hitter Michael Young. Rojas, who was replying to Ken Rosenthal's story that a Young trade could come as early as Monday, said:

wouldn't surprise me if deal is done today or tomorrow...from what I've heard, it's happening.

One of Rosenthal's sources stated that the Rangers and Rockies would complete a deal on Monday, and Rojas' sources, whomever they may be, seem to back that up. 

It's still unknown how much salary relief the Rockies would receive in any trade as well as what players or prospects that Texas would receive in return. It's conceivable if not likely that the Rangers will not receive anybody of impact back in the trade and that the trade is merely salary relief for Texas, as well as avoiding a potential clubhouse problem during the year if Young was unhappy with his reduced role. 

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