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Cliff Lee: Leaving Texas For Philadelphia And Less Money?

The mystery team has finally revealed itself in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. We can all stop making fun of Jon Heyman - for now.


The Philadelphia Phillies have apparently emerged as the favorites to land Lee - and Lee may be willing to leave $70 million on the table to return to Philadelphia. All along, it had been widely believed that Lee would be deciding between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees - though Ken Rosenthal did say that the Phillies would be a dark horse back on Dec. 5.


I wrote last week that I believe the Rangers would be better off not signing Lee and letting the Yankees sign him to a massive seven-year contract. I still believe that Texas would be better served long-term not signing Lee to a six- or seven-year contract. The fact that Lee may be willing to leave upwards of $70 million on the table from either Texas or New York to pitch in Philadelphia is a testament to either how much he liked playing in Philadelphia and the National League - or how much he dislikes the idea of pitching in Texas or New York for the remainder of his career.


So, as Rangers fans, are you okay with the Rangers not giving a six-year, $140 million or seven-year, $160 million contract to Cliff Lee if it means Lee is not going to the Yankees and instead goes to the Phillies in the National League? Or does it make you bitter that he's choosing the Phillies over the Rangers - who he supposedly wanted to be back with - for substantially less money?

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