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Barely Organized Thoughts Of Joy

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The media spent so much time focusing on needing to win two non-Cliff Lee starts. They made it seem like that was a tall order. Instead, the Rangers won three -- very nearly four -- non-Cliff Lee starts. Once and for all the Rangers hopefully proved they have good pitching beyond Mr. Lee.

Forever now, the Rangers will be a part of World Series lore. Win or lose that's a huge, awesome deal.

Coming in to today, Vladimir Guerrero was the all-time leader among active players in the Baseball-Reference form of Wins Above Replacement to have never played a World Series game, with 59.2 for his career. And Vlad didn't get it with the Angels, even better. The crown now belongs to current Angel Bobby Abreu (58.2).

We don't have to watch anymore games on TBS. I hate Tim McCarver as much as the next guy, but the Fox broadcast overall is so much better.

We might get to hear Eric Nadel call a World Series final out (the enthusiastic kind).

All these guys we've followed for so long, like Elvis Andrus and Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton and Colby Lewis and Michael Young and Ian Kinsler. . . they are now going to be playing in the World Series. For real!

The Rangers have just gone through three teams that are very close to them, perhaps even better. The next round, while certainly not a done deal, will feature a lesser team. You have to like that opportunity. Hell, what am I saying? You'd like it regardless.

Like one Carson Cistulli, I've been on the Colby Lewis bandwagon since I saw his Japanese skill set and CHONE projections. My man crush has only soared since then. Seeing him dominate the Yankees in the league clinching game was like a dream come true. As was Neftali Feliz coming in for a nice, dominant inning ending with Alex Rodriguez.

Think about this. This team has a meager payroll. They are young. Their farm system is far from spent. The guy that built that system that has worked out so well and made the moves to compliment it is still in charge. We always knew this was a team with a bright future and a good window if they could just get an owner in place. They were bankrupt and owned by baseball at one point this season and still competed. Now they have that ownership (and a new TV deal) and this is just looking so good. The future is just as bright, but now the window is even more wide open. And that potential run of contention is beginning with a World Series appearance. What we hoped just to have a shot at over the coming years has already been accomplished, and I guarantee you this is not the best Texas Rangers team we'll see in the near future.

I cannot put my thoughts together. I can't. And I love it so very, very much.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.