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Big 12 Expansion: Notre Dame Not 'Active In Any Decision Making Process'

A report came out last week in the Oklahoman, citing the Big 12's written interest in adding Notre Dame to the conference. Though it's a little strange to see Big 12 executives have interest in Notre Dame stated in writing, it's nothing too shocking, as there has been a not-so-secret flirtation between Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick.

It's equally unsurprising that Notre Dame isn't likely to leave the Big East for basketball and baseball -- or give up independence in football. According to the Chicago Tribune, Notre Dame is not currently "active in any decision making process."

Also still officially official: Notre Dame isn't contemplating its conference affiliation regardless.

Irish athletic director Jack Swarbrick on Wednesday put a finer point on the stance he took a week ago, when the Big 12 rumors reignited: Notre Dame isn't engaged in any deliberations regarding a new home for its non-football endeavors.

"We are not in any active decision-making process," Swarbrick told the Tribune in a phone interview.

It's not in the least bit surprising, as there's little benefit to leaving the Big East for its non-football sports at the current time. As far as football is concerned, it'll be a minor miracle if the Irish ever give up independence, and it certainly wouldn't happen for a few years, when Notre Dame's contract with NBC expires.

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