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Big 12 Expansion: Florida State President Says 'No Steps Taken' Toward Realignment

If you were expecting a resolution regarding college conference realignment in the near future, you'd better temper your expectations. Florida State president Eric Barron said that "no steps were taken" towards making a decision on if the school would leave the ACC for the Big 12.

On Friday, Barron classified it as a "briefing on the apples and oranges and all of the different factors" and was clear when saying that no substantive steps towards investigating conference realignment were taken. No power was given to Barron or the board to make a decision on the issue. Barron also maintained that there will be no fact-finding committee formed to look at the conference issue.

"We are not seeking anything, we are not expecting anything, there are no conversations that are going on," Barron said. "But as my board chair (Allan Bense) said, all boards that are responsible would take any opportunity presented and study it. OK, that's not an invitation, that's just a statement of fact."

Florida State has been linked to the Big 12 in various rumors throughout the past month. The rumors started back on May 9, when Chip Brown suggested that Florida State to the Big 12 could make sense. Ever since, there's been a storm of rumors, including the report that Florida State was looking into the travel costs that it would incur as a member of the Big 12, since the Big 12's schools are further away from Florida than the ACC's geographically.

As expected though, Florida State's president has given us the ultimate non-answer regarding conference realignment. We'll likely learn more once the new BCS playoff system is finalized.

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