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Barry Switzer Talks Texas Longhorns Rivalry And Discusses NCAA Football Playoff Ideas

Former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys head coach sat down with SB Nation's Spencer Hall to discuss NCAA playoff football ideas, Oklahoma City in the NBA Finals and and little about the Texas Longhorns/Sooners dynamic.

Switzer was candid of course, and with Hall being the interviewer, it was bound to make for interesting copy. And it did. Read Switzer's thoughts on a four-team playoff between the SEC and Big 12 by 2014 after the jump.

The first thing is that the Big 12 and the SEC are kind of the impetus for making this happen, don't you think? They talked about having our champion playing their champion, and therefore those two teams playing might have already have won a national title in some polls. Obviously, they need to have a playoff right away or they lose that. They gotta make a decision to get on board and make this thing happen. The public wants to see it, the fans want to see it, obviously, and I think most coaches want to see it, too.

There were also Switzer's response to when Hall asked him if Oklahoma took a backseat to Texas in the Big 12, considering the Longhorns are indeed the cash cow of the business end of things. The legendary coach had this to say:

I never thought we took a second seat to anybody. We kicked their ass more than they have ours. I beat Texas more than they beat me, and Bob Stoops is certainly doing the same thing. I never looked at it as being second to them. I looked at high school athletes from Texas -- Oklahoma wouldn't have the tradition we have if it wasn't for high school athletes coming out of Texas, we had to have them. We got 200 high schools in this state playing football. They got 1600. That's where most of your athletes are coming from, obviously south of the Red River. So I had to spend time down there and get those players.

Read more about the Big 12-SEC rivalry right here at SB Nation Dallas.

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