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Big 12 News: Conference Meetings Underway

Though it's highly unlikely we'll see any Big 12 institution elaborate on potential expansion this week publicly, you can certainly bank on the fact that the current Big 12 members are talking about expansion behind closed doors. On Wednesday, the Big 12 will begin its annual meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.

Expansion, though, doesn't appear to be the primary concern at these meetings -- not yet, at least. Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star believes that playoff football, and not expansion, will be the hot topic at the meetings.

Narrowing the focus of college football's postseason future will be a priority as annual meetings begin this week in the Big 12, which meets in Kansas City, and Southeastern Conference in Destin, Fla.

For the Big 12, it may be more of an elimination process.

"I speak for the athletic directors, which are leaning more toward a four-team option," Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas said. "My thought going in is to have our schools rank their preferences and indicate options they wouldn't accept."

There are other topics that will certainly be discussed throughout the meetings, such as television and contracts. Any conversation regarding money will likely be extrapolated into hypothetical situations tying into the idea of expansion. Revenue sharing would need to be modified slightly should the league add any of Florida State, Clemson, Notre Dame or Georgia Tech.

Expansion would have to make financial sense for each current institution before any invitation is extended to an ACC school. Likewise, the invitation would have to make financial sense for the institution being asked to join the Big 12. As we've already touched on,Florida State is already looking into the costs of joining the Big 12. Undoubtedly, this will be addressed at the meetings, but I'd expect those involved to be mum when asked about it publicly.

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