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Big 12 Expansion: Florida State To Big 12 Is 'Inevitable,' According To A Report

The dance between the Big 12 and the Florida St. Seminoles has been a strange trip so far as the higher ups from Florida State are providing mixed messages about their future conference affiliation. The latest comes from which is saying two people with extremely strong ties to the Florida State athletic program call the move to the Big 12 "inevitable."

This report comes from a fairly obscure website, but these rumors and reports can still cause a stir and provide some momentum within the fan base and actually apply pressure to the schools decision makers.

As this report says the move is happening there are others who are reporting that the the Big 12 schools are not all on the same page about adding additional members:

Then there is Chip Brown of who adds that a lot of these reports on the Big 12 adding big name schools are reaching for a result:

In short, anyone saying Notre Dame, Florida State or Clemson are done deals are talking to people with wishful thinking or relying on second or third-hand information from people with wishful thinking.

So, depending on which report one feels strongly about then the Big 12 is either about to add Florida State, or stand pat at their current 10-member league.

For more on Big 12 realignment stay tuned to SB Nation Dallas' coverage.

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