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Is Mack Brown on the hot seat?

Over at Barking Carnival, a fairly persuasive take on why it's time for Texas to start looking for a new head coach.

Erich Schlegel - Getty Images

There are a lot of things you could take away from UT's 63-21 disaster at the hands of OU this weekend.

For Scipio Tex, it was the final nail in the coffin. Over at our UT sister site Barking Carnival, he's got a pretty persuasive take on why it's time for Mack Brown to go:

5-9 against Bob Stoops. Four of those losses are among the worst blowouts in Texas Longhorn football history. All are the worst against OU in series history. And the record would be the same if both coaches switched programs. Who am I kidding? It would be worse.

Two conference titles at the University of Texas in fifteen years. 2 of 15. Think about it. That's extraordinary. And long before 2012, it was the one statistic I could never really get past. Hardware matters. Mack Brown must have a national championship quality team led by a transcendent all-time quarterback and a NFL roster to win ... a conference?

As Scipio acknowledges, Mack seems like a nice man with a good heart who has done a fine job as the face of the university. But, at a school like Texas, getting consistently rolled by OU and winning one conference title every seven year average just isn't enough:

I don't care to quibble whether Texas is the best job in the country. I believe it is. If you don't think it's in the Top 5, you're a silly person or have an axe to grind. It's the most profitable athletic department in the country. Texas plays in front of 100,000+ fans. There's deep tradition. Limitless resources. Dominant mindshare in one of the three states that dominates raw NFL talent production and where all future macro-demographics skew favorably. You own state recruiting if your staff can take Woody Allen's advice and just show up and you'll be a national player if you simply wish it so. Texas is a blank check. All you have to do is be competent enough to fill out the amount and make it to the BCS bank without self-destructing in lethargy, incompetence, or arrogance.

Personally, I don't mind losing to OU as much as I do not being able to count on watching an entertaining game. Getting regularly blown out on national TV like UT is North Texas is unacceptable.

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