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Conference Realignment: SMU Reportedly Big East Candidate

Down to six football-playing schools, the Big East is looking under every rock for potential members.

While SMU undoubtedly wishes it was making the leap back to the Big 12 instead of long-time rival TCU, the Mustangs could still benefit from the Horned Frogs move. 

The Big East, down to only six football-playing schools after losing Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC and TCU to the Big 12, is casting a net far and wide in a last-ditch effort to remain a BCS conference. 

According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, SMU is one of several schools under consideration:

"UH is absolutely in the mix," the person said on condition of anonymity. "SMU is in the mix. Air Force is definitely in the mix. There's a lot of people that like Central Florida."

If the Big East wants to go to 12 schools, there aren't six better candidates than SMU, which offers an up-and-coming program under June Jones, a long football history, a rich alumni base as well as an entry into the Dallas media market. 

However, there's no guarantee the Big East survives much less expands, as remaining members West Virginia, Cincinnati, Louisville and UConn have all been linked to other conferences.

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