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Lewis Black talks about Lance Armstrong on The Daily Show

The comedian had an interesting take on the steroids scandal surrounding the Texas cyclist.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Lewis Black went on an extended riff on Lance Armstrong in his "Back in Black" segment on Tuesday's Daily Show. It was pretty great (courtesy of Mediaite):

This is a guy who cancer in his lungs, his brains, his testicles. He lost one of his balls, for Christ's sake. And he's getting double the amount of oxygen out of every breath!? The question shouldn't be 'was he doping?' but 'why aren't all of us doping?' I get winded lighting a cigarette!

That is one of the more morbidly hilarious parts of these steroids witch hunts. If Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong all used performance enhancing drugs, isn't that an endorsement of PED's?

The stuff really must work! Look what those guys were able to do!

Here's what's really going to grind on the self-appointed arbiters of morality who bash guys like Bonds: their whining is only going to make him a more appealing figure as years go by.

But we'll keep him out of the Hall of Fame! Yes, because no one knows who "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Pete Rose are ...

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