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Mac Engel Suggests Stars Could Be Sellers

Mac Engel has a post up on suggesting that a substandard stretch in the next couple of weeks could lead to a sell-off, and he throws out some pretty significant names. Engel mentions Michael Ryder, Sheldon Souray and Radek Dvorak - names that make perfect sense if you're in selling mode. Ryder and Souray in particular have performed well and can add a scoring punch for a playoff team in need. They signed affordable deals and would not be long term commitments to new teams.

The headline, though, and the bulk of the post centers around Brenden Morrow. Morrow is 33, so the Stars should make a value judgment on what Morrow does for the organization versus whether he will still be a high end player when this club is a contender again. Engel is also right that Morrow would figure to bring back something solid. However, moving Morrow or Steve Ott could gut this team emotionally, and it would certainly have that effect on the dwindling hard core fan base.


I'm a fan of front offices who are willing to separate with their aging stars at the right time, but I really don't think that dealing Morrow - particularly at a trade deadline - is a realistic option right now. If February doesn't go well, move your shiftable parts, but hands off of Morrow for now.


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