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Krys Barch Does Not Care For Maxim Lapierre

Stars forward Krys Barch stirred some controversy with a Twitter post during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

I can't stand watching #40 and not even playing the game. I don't know if he has an ounce of man in him. I'd be embarrassed to be his father

Barch was talking about Canucks forward Maxim Lapierre, his taunting in Game 2 that went unpenalized by the NHL, and his continued behavior in Game 3. 

Barch expounded on his comment Tuesday in an interview on TSN Radio

I would not allow my son to do the same," Barch said. "It's absolutely embarrassing. It's too bad right now that the rules in place protect this class of player, that pretty much has no class.

I had a few personal text messages from players throughout the league that pretty much said 'I wish I could say it, but I can't. But, I absolutely agree with you'.

Right now it's the Stanley Cup Final and when the game is two or three-to-one, they can go run around and do whatever they wan. But it's funny how they don't do it in game 27, when the score is four-one. Then they're nowhere to be seen. But, all of a sudden they come out here when there's an umbrella for protection set over them.

Barch also spoke out against Aaron Rome's hit on Nathan Horton, saying that he should be suspended and that the league needs to clarify the line between legal and illegal play.

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