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NHL Trade Deadline: Brad Richards May Waive His No-Trade Clause For The Rangers

There are a lot of teams that have been linked to Brad Richards as the NHL Trade Deadline approaches, but he can veto any trade if he so chooses. James O'Brien of Pro Hockey Talk reports that Richards would only waive his no-trade clause for one team, and there are people out there who believe that team is the Rangers.

While Bryan McCabe‘s trade value isn’t in the same ballpark (stratosphere?) as Brad Richards, they have at least one thing in common: both players would only waive their no-trade clauses for the New York Rangers. (At least if Darren Dreger’s “guess” regarding Richards’ preference is correct.*)

And what article about a New York sports franchise making a big trade would be complete without a reference to Carmelo Anthony?

Much like the New York Knicks’ courtship of Carmelo Anthony during the NBA’s trade deadline, the big question is: if Richards wants to play in New York, then why give up a bunch now when they can grab him in free agency without losing any roster assets?

It's an interesting question. Richards' value is probably lower than it could be because of his contract status. If he was signed for a few more years and a team knew that he wouldn't be able to leave after a half season, they might be more willing to give up their assets for him. We're almost at the deadline, something has to give.

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