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Mavs GM Donnie Nelson Speaks On Deron Williams, Steve Nash And Jason Kidd

The Dallas Mavericks have had some kind of week. After sacrificing an entire season to have the cap flexibility to go after marquee free agents in the 2012-13 season, the week that wasn't ended in the Mavs swinging and missing on every player they tried to bring to D-Town.

Over at, Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson discusses the aftermath of failing to acquire Deron Williams and Steve Nash, along with losing Jason Kidd.

Nelson on Deron:

"It was tough. We thought we had a good chance. ... It was a tough decision (for him) and a close call. I can't tell you at the end of the day what the main reason was. Maybe it was the excitement of a new city or arena. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Listen, that happens in sports, in business, in life. You've got to pick yourself back up and get back at it. Which we immediately started doing."

Nelson on the Mavericks pitch to Steve Nash:

"When you make these decisions, a lot goes into it and everyone is different. With Stevie we had a nice presentation but he wanted to be close to his family while making a run for the roses. Three years was something that was important to him and at his age it was a heck of a deal for him."

Nelson on Jason Kidd switching up and signing with the New York Knicks:

"It's a really personal thing. He went back and forth on this thing. It was really a gutbuster for him. Family certainly has a place. There are a lot of reasons. I don't feel slighted in any way. We gotta take our hats off, shake his hand, and wish him nothing but the best." but we're not gonna rest until we get this thing right.''

The good news about all of this is that it can't get much worse for the Mavericks, but now is the time for the Mavericks to come up with a new plan. Whatever that new plan is, craft it and stick to it. Maybe free agency just isn't the business the Mavs need to play in (think who was the last big name free agent to come to Dallas) and come up with a new strategy instead. Lets see what Mark Cuban and Nelson come up with next.

For all the latest news and notes on the Mavericks free agency plans, stay tuned to the SB Nation Dallas story-stream as well as Mavs Moneyball.

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