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NBA Trade Rumors: Steve Nash To The Mavericks Can't Be Ruled Out

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Marc Stein tells us that, though the Suns intend to hang onto point man Steve Nash "... for now" we shouldn't be quick to dismiss the possibility that he could be traded, and he cites the Mavericks as a possible destination.

Sources say Atlanta, Orlando, Portland and, yes, his old friends from Dallas are among the playoff-bound teams that have repeatedly told Phoenix that they're ready to discuss Nash scenarios as soon as the Suns are.

Multiple sources close to the Suns' QB told in recent days that they believe Nash is too competitive not to eventually tire of this season's struggle just to get Phoenix into the playoffs. There's a distinct belief in that circle that Nash could still push for a trade before the deadline -- preferably with his good buddy Hill attached to the deal -- and that he can't help but be intrigued by the concept of a Big D reunion with two of his all-time favorite teammates besides Hill: Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd.

The first time Stein reported that the Mavericks would give the Nets Devin Harris, two unprotected picks, and some other stuff for an aging Jason Kidd, I didn't believe it. So even though he's reported a hundred or so unfulfilled Mavericks rumors since then, I am never quick to dismiss his sources.

As intriguing as the return of the best point guard in Mavs history would be, the guy is 37 and adding him absolutely means handing over Rodrigue Beaubois and another nice asset or two. It gives you a shot at a long playoff run - something that Caron Butler's injury seems to have punched a hole in - but it also transforms one of the league's oldest rosters into an entire rotation full of soon-to-be AARP members. This isn't Dirk Nowitzki's last rodeo, so it's pretty hard to understand giving up your one shiny trade item (or a big part of your future, however you'd prefer to look at Roddy) for a second late-30's point guard who can't guard anyone.

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