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Mavericks Trade Targets

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Marc Stein has a new column up detailing some trade options for the Mavericks.

He mentions Tayshaun Prince, Stephen Jackson, JR Smith, Corey Maggette and Devin Harris as possible targets for the Mavericks.

Of the six, Harris would be the most tempting acquisition to make but also the least likely.

One name missing is a player I feel should be the Mavericks' No. 1 trade target right now.

Gerald Wallace.

Wallace is a much more appealing option than any of the other targets reportedly on the Mavericks' radar.

Earlier this week, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Charlotte Bobcats and Cleveland Cavaliers had discussed a trade for the Bobcats forward.

The Cavaliers are reportedly offering the $14.5 million exception they received for LeBron James.

If that's the going rate, Wallace needs to be a Maverick.

He can create his own shot on offense and plays good defense.  He would be the ideal scoring forward the Mavericks desperately lack.

Any deal would probably involve Butler's expiring contract plus a sweetener like Dominique Jones.

Hopefully, the Mavericks give the Bobcats a call soon to gauge their interest in trading him because he would be a perfect fit here. 

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