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TE Martellus Bennett Prepared To Move On From Cowboys

Much-maligned backup tight end Martellus Bennett hit the airwaves today, in anticipation of next Tuesday's onset of the free agency period. Bennett has been the number two tight end behind Pro Bowl TE Jason Witten for the last four years, and hasn't exactly rolled up the scintilating stats that many expected when he was plucked in the second round of the 2008 amateur draft.

In speaking with Pro Football Talk Live (per the Star Telegram) Bennett admitted that his time in Dallas was at an end, and that he would pursue the opportunity to become a "No. 1 guy".

"I feel like I'm a 60-catch-plus guy on a team, so I want to be in a system where I could do (that). I think a lot of people say the hybrid tight ends or the new type of tight ends are the ones to catch the ball, but I think the perfect tight ends are the ones who could actually block and do things with the ball after they catch it."

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"Marty B" has made several waves since arriving in Big D, starting with the constant hammering he received from tight ends coach John Garrett in that season's version of HBO's Hard Knocks. "High and tight, Martellus!" He's had nude pics circulate around the internet, as well as numerous somewhat offensive internet rap videos that ruffled a few feathers. Not big deals in the grand scheme of things, but when there is no production on the field it tends to ruffle feathers.

On the field, Bennett hardly received targets as he was often the fifth or sixth option on the field. On the occasions he did receive them, he would often drop them, which didn't exactly endear him to Dallas fans. The Cowboys faithful would often give Bennett a hard time and towards the end of last season, he and his wife were already tweeting that leaving Dallas wouldn't be the end of the world.

The one thing Bennett always did well, was be a great blocker. When he's gone, Dallas will have to possibly change some strategies, because he was as good as a sixth offensive lineman in some cases.

Cowboys fans are already looking forward to John Phillips taking over the backup tight end role; now that he's two years removed from his ACL injury. However, they shouldn't be surprised if Dallas pursues a free agent or a draft pick at the position.

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