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DeMarcus Ware And The Weirdest Commercial Of 2012 (Or Maybe Ever)

Let me begin by saying this: I understand the need for adult diapers (yeah, this is gonna get weird) and I know that there are instances in which they are invaluable. However, I also know that adult diapers and extremely in-shape NFL players just don't mix. That's why this is so weird.

For an outside linebacker that plays for the Cowboys, one of the most popular NFL teams, and has racked up 99.5 career sacks in seven seasons, commercials should come easy. That's why I refuse to believe that Ware decided to take part in this disturbing display of diapers and how you can do all the on-field drills in the NFL when you're wearing them because they were the first people to ask to put him on TV.

And that's another thing. Football players don't really seem to be the best market for a product mostly sold to people who cannot physically get to the bathroom in time. In fact, I would think that the majority of the adult diaper-wearing community don't really know who DeMarcus Ware is. It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

So, unless there are a handful of NFL players that are looking to drive all day and night to stop their astronaut significant others from having affairs and they can't spare the time necessary for bathroom breaks (remember that?), this commercial will creep people out a lot more than it will help them.

I could be wrong, though.

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