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Interesting Rule Change Proposals Could Add Some Common Sense To 2012 NFL Season

It's not very often that an entity as successful as the NFL sits back and makes numerous changes to numerous small things that just don't make much sense. However, while Cowboys fans are awaiting the results of the co-grievance filed by Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder over lost 2012 cap space via collusion cap penalties, Rich McKay today announced several rule changes that will be voted on during this week's owner's meetings. To their credit, the majority of these seem to be brilliant-slash-no-brainers moves that will be welcome by most if passed.

1. Instant Replay will not be handled by an official in the booth, not the on field referee.

2. All turnovers would be auto-reviewed just like all scoring plays.

3. The trade deadline moved back from Week Six To Week Eight,.

4. Teams will be allowed to bring a player, if placed after Week 1, off of Injured Reserve after eight weeks. The player will be able to practice after six weeks.

5. Teams have ability to add to inactive roster, from 53 to 54, inactive roster spot is only for a player with a concussion.

6. Changes offseason roster size to 90 players, (last year was a temp rule to put at 90 but normally the roster limit is at 80.) Unsigned drafted players will count (hadn't before).

7. Pittsburgh has proposed to do away with the horse collar rule on QBs who are still in the pocket.

8. Pittsburgh is also asking postseason OT rule be put into regular season, essentially ending sudden-death field goal situations.

9. Illegal kicking of loose ball to delay game would cause loss of down in addition to a 10-yard penalty.

10. Too many men on field as delay of game, dead-ball foul. Currently, if a defense lines up with too many men on the field (a la Giants in the SB) the clock continues to run and the five-yard penalty doesn't do much to assist the offense. No more.

11. Expanding crackback protection, giving that player complete defenseless player protection. Now, you can't block him in the head, with your head or block him low.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.