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Pro Football Talk: NFL May Have Gone Behind Jones' Back To Impose Cap Penalties On Dallas

In the latest twist in what is becoming an increasingly byzantine story, it appears the NFL Management Council Executive Committee may have struck a deal to impose salary cap penalties on the Dallas Cowboys with the NFLPA.

There's only one problem: Jerry Jones is a member of the CEC and he reportedly had no idea that the deal was being made:

As we already know, the agreement regarding the imposition of the penalties was struck between the NFL Management Council Executive Committee and the NFLPA, making it a revision of the CBA without a vote of the league's owners or union leadership. That deal happened even though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was and still is a member of the NFL Management Council Executive Committee.

It's one thing for the so-called CEC to use its delegation of authority to work out side agreements with the union. It's quite another for the CEC to do so without knowledge of one of the men who has secured membership on the CEC.

The more questions are raised about this deal, the more suspicious it looks. At this point, Jones and Redskins owner Daniel Synder have no reason not to challenge Roger Goodell and the other owners about what many are calling "illegal collusion".

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