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Giants Owner John Mara: 'Lucky They Didn’t Lose Draft Picks'

The Dallas Cowboys are planning to file a grievance against the NFL for the $10 million penalty the league imposed for saying the Cowboys violated terms in the 2010 uncapped year. Now there is New York Giants Owner John Mara who also happens to be the president of the NFL NFL Management Council which placed the penalties on the two teams has come out and said that the Cowboys and Redskins got off light by not losing any draft picks:

"I thought the penalties imposed were proper."

"What they did was in violation of the spirit of the salary cap. They attempted to take advantage of a one-year loophole, and quite frankly, I think they're lucky they didn't lose draft picks."

First off there are a few things that do not seem right which is the owner of a rival club saying the penalties should have harsher. Having Mara who is the owner of the Giants come out and say this was not the best person to address the message. If something was to be said then maybe it should have been done by someone other than Mara.

Then there is 'the spirit of the salary cap' quote which sounds like a cop out, but if there was no salary cap in place then how does one violate a salary cap. There were limits in place for the uncapped year and the Cowboys happened to use that for their advantage.

Also to note is that the NFL has not officially said what rule that the Cowboys or Redskins broke, but they are hiding behind "competitive balance" to enforce these penalties.

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