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NFL Week 8 picks

Once again, JP Starkey is back and picks each and every NFL game -- including Dallas' Week 8 showdown against the New York Giants.


Week 8 of the NFL season is already upon us, and once again, the Dallas Cowboys are taking on a hated division rival.

Once again, I'm here to accurately select the winner of each and every game -- both straight up, and against the spread.

Carolina Panthers (+9) at Chicago Bears -- Sorry, Jay Cutler still just isn't good. The Bears are having a good year, but Cutler has been pretty lame. Yeah, I know, four of his picks came in Chicago's Week 2 loss to the Packers, but still.

I'll take the Panthers to cover, but the Bears to win.

San Diego Chargers (-3) at Cleveland Browns -- Like Cutler, Phillip Rivers isn't good. And unlike the Bears, the Chargers just aren't that good.

Fortunately for Norv Turner, the Browns aren't good either. I do really, really like Trent Richardson (yay, fantasy!), but other than that, I'm pretty underwhelmed by Cleveland.

Chargers win, and cover.

Seattle Seahawks (+1) at Detroit Lions -- OK, yeah, the Seahawks have had some impressive wins this year. Seattle "beat" Green Bay, and did manage to beat New England.

Still, I'm not drinking the Russell Wilson Kool-Aid, and I probably never will.

Lions win.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+15) at Green Bay Packers -- Oy. The Discount Doublecheck will be in full effect at Lambeau Field. How unfortunate for NFL fans.

There's pretty much no way the Jaguars win this game, but there's a good chance they cover -- 15 points is a lot. I'll take Green Bay to win, but Jacksonville to cover.

Miami Dolphins (+2) at New York Jets -- The revenge of Tony Sparano? The former Dolphins head coach will try to find someway to jumpstart the awful Jets offense.

Unfortunately for Sparano, it won't happen. Dolphins win in the upset.

Atlanta Falcons (+3) at Philadelphia Eagles -- Michael Vick just isn't a good quarterback. I'm sorry, he's not. He had one very, very good year, and other than that, not a whole lot.

Philadelphia does have that fancy new defensive coordinator, and Atlanta has squeaked by in recent weeks. I'll take the Eagles at home to win. Mercury Morris smiles.

Washington Redskins (+4) at Pittsburgh Steelers -- Two teams I really can't figure out. This should probably be a good game. I really like Robert Griffin III, and I really don't think the Steelers are all that.

Still, I don't have it in me to pick Washington to win on the road. I'll take Pittsburgh to win, but Washington covers.

New England Patriots (-7) at St. Louis Rams -- Ah yes, a home game in another country for the Rams. Poor St. Louis. I hate these London games.

Anyway, no Aaron Hernandez and about 1/3 of the Patriots are listed on the injury report. Yeah, typical Belichick hijinks, but the Pats really are banged up.

Patriots win, Rams keep it close and cover.

Indianapolis Colts (+3.5) at Tennessee Titans -- Interesting game between two non-contenders. Andrew Luck is fun, and sometimes Chris Johnson decides to be good.

No Jake Locker for the Titans, but they'll still win -- and cover.

Oakland Raiders (+1) at Kansas City Chiefs -- I feel sort of bad for Kansas City. What a disaster the Scott Pioli era turned out to be.

I do love Jamaal Charles, but I can't in good faith pick a team starting Brady Quinn at quarterback. Raiders win.

New York Giants (-3) at Dallas Cowboys -- Yikes. The Cowboys beat the Giants in New York, and are home underdogs just seven weeks later.

Of course, Dallas doesn't have DeMarco Murray or Sean Lee. It'll be a long day in Dallas on Sunday, as the Giants win, and cover.

New Orleans Saints (+6) at Denver Broncos -- This should be a fun game, and much better to watch than the World Series. Both teams need to start racking up wins, but the Saints certainly need it more than the Broncos do.

New Orleans' defense just isn't good enough to stop Denver, and I'm not sure the New Orleans offense will play well enough in Denver. I'll take the Broncos to win, but the Saints to keep it close and cover.

San Francisco 49ers (-7) at Arizona Cardinals -- What a Monday night clunker. San Francisco is pretty overrated to me, but Arizona? I mean, John Skelton.

San Francisco wins, but they're not good enough to win by more than seven. Arizona covers.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.