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NFL Week 6 picks

The Dallas Cowboys return to action in Week 6, and JP Starkey is here to pick each and every game.

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Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys return to action on Sunday, and as always, I'm here to help you make your weekly NFL picks, as we now move into Week 6 of the NFL season.

For the last two weeks, I've gone 21-6 overall picking straight up. Against the spread, well, that's another story.

Oakland Raiders (+10) at Atlanta Falcons -- Yikes. Crappy west coast team playing an early game against one of the best teams in the NFL. This just isn't going to be a very competitive game.

Give me Matt Ryan and the Falcons to win, and cover.

Dallas Cowboys (+3) at Baltimore Ravens -- Tough game, really. Baltimore's defense isn't as good as it has been in recent memory, and the Cowboys are coming off of a bye week.

It all comes down to Ray Rice and if the Cowboys can contain him. I just don't know that they can. I'll take the Ravens to win and cover -- but I won't be shocked if the Cowboys can pull off the upset.

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) at Cleveland Browns -- Cleveland is a lot better than their record, but I don't know if they're better than the Bengals are.

Still, it's a rivalry game (right?), and the Browns have to snap their skid sometime. Trent Richardson goes off, Browns pull off the upset.

St. Louis Rams (+4.5) at Miami Dolphins -- Tough one. The Dolphins have looked really, really tough in recent weeks, and Ryan Tannehill has actually looked like a first round draft pick.

On the other hand, the Rams have looked pretty OK too, though Danny Amendola is out for awhile.

I'll take the Rams to pull off the upset, just because I don't think Miami is very good.

Indianapolis Colts (+3) at New York Jets -- Another tough game. Things can't really get much worse for the Jets, can they? New York did play well last week in a losing effort against the Texans on Monday Night Football, but moral victories don't count for much in the NFL.

Still, I'll take the Jets to win and cover against the Colts.

Detroit Lions (+3.5) at Philadelphia Eagles -- Color me unimpressed with the Eagles. I thought they might be one of the NFL's elite teams this year coming into the season, but so far, I thought wrong.

Michael Vick has to get over his turnover woes. I don't think it happens on Sunday. Lions pull off the upset.

Kansas City Chiefs (+4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- No Matt Cassel for the Chiefs, but is that a bad thing? It might be, when Brady Quinn is the alternative.

Jamaal Charles will need to have a game and a half on Sunday -- and he will. It just won't be enough, as the Buccaneers win, and cover.

Buffalo Bills (+4) at Arizona Cardinals -- I might be missing something here. I don't really understand why the Bills are only four point underdogs. I mean, I understand Arizona doesn't have much of an offense, but Buffalo has been awful lately.

Give me the Cardinals to win, and cover.

New England Patriots (-3.5) at Seattle Seahawks -- Seattle is always a very difficult place to play, but after the last two weeks, it's almost impossible to pick against the Patriots.

Tom Brady has a nice day, and the Patriots win -- and cover.

New York Giants (+7) at San Francisco 49ers -- Tough one. San Francisco is overrated, but the Giants are a bit banged up.

I don't think Alex Smith is capable of leading San Francisco to a blowout win, but he is capable of leading the Niners to a win. San Francisco wins, but New York covers.

Minnesota Vikings (even) at Washington Redskins -- Another tough game. A lot depends on Robert Griffin III, but it looks like he's playing. The Vikings have been excellent so far, but they just lack the it factor for me at this point.

I'll take the Redskins.

Green Bay Packers (+3) at Houston Texans --It's incredible that the Packers are 2-3 at this point, and 0-2 on the road. Aaron Rodgers can't be too pleased about that.

I don't really think the Packers are that great, but I don't think the Texans are that great, either. I'll take the Packers in the upset win.

Denver Broncos (+1) at San Diego Chargers -- The NFL didn't make it easy for me this week. Peyton Manning's uninspiring Broncos against Norv Turner's perennially underachieving Chargers.

Manning does nothing for me, but Philip Rivers does even less. I'll take the Broncos to rebound after a tough loss in Foxboro and win. Rivers cries.

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