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Jerry Jones: 10 Years Without Super Bowl Appearance Is 'Not Acceptable'

The Dallas Cowboys saw their season come to an ignoble end on Sunday, as they fell to the New York Giants. With the loss, their shot at clinching the NFC East and its accompanying postseason berth vanished. Instead of getting ready to host a Wild Card team, they'll be getting ready to pack their bags for a long offseason.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 FM in Dallas on Tuesday morning and addressed Cowboys' string of failures to live up to expectations that is now a decade long. According to Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News, Jones said that the onus for success falls on him as team owner. He apologized to the fans for another mediocre season.

If you use a Las Vegas terminology, we shove a lot out on the table. We do that when we build a stadium like we built. We create and add to a lot of visibility with this team and it is called expectations. We have a tremendous fan base. Our fans need to know that one of the things that can be utilized to do better is money. You would be interested to know that over a period of time, because we do have a [salary] cap, it's supposed to even out but it doesn't do that and we spend more money than anybody in football to have a good football team and on the football players and I think that's important for everybody to know.

Jones also took time to address the fact that the team's failure to reach the Super Bowl for the past 10 years does not sit well with him.

And we've just got to do a better of how we do it. It doesn't always win it. The Washington Redskins spend a lot of money up there and it doesn't necessarily happen. That's the NFL. But I think that we got to realize, as of this year, the last 10 years in the NFC there's been a different team go to the Super Bowl in the last 10 years. And we haven't been one of them. That's not acceptable and we've got to continue trying to get there.

Arguably, the New York Yankees are the only fan base in professional sports that demands and expects success as much as the rooters of the Dallas Cowboys. It may be some comfort to them to know that their team's owner is just as displeased as they are.

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