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Don Banks Of SI: Jason Garrett Headed Nowhere, But Rob Ryan Could Go

Don Banks from takes a look at the 2012 NFL coaching carousel, and Banks reiterates what Jerry Jones has said publicly: Jason Garrett is going nowhere this winter.

Jason Garrett isn't going anywhere, no matter what happens against the Giants Sunday. Owner Jerry Jones is invested in his young head coach, and he's not about to pull the rip cord on him, thereby making his hiring look like a hasty mistake.

That seems safe to say at this point. Jerry has said in recent days that he views Garrett as a coaching prospect and that he'll benefit from the lessons he's learning in his first full season. It's safe to say that Jones isn't excited about throwing the rest of Garrett's contract down a well. Even though the local Cowboys media hasn't seemed to pick up on this, I also suspect that the Cowboys' success in Garrett's first draft - Tyson Smith and DeMarco Murray look like inspired picks - factors in Jerry's mind.

Banks thinks that Rob Ryan could be in line for a head coaching job, however. After his top tier of candidates that includes Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher and Jeff Fisher, he includes Ryan in his next group of six candidates (which also includes Mike Zimmer and Mike Sherman).

His brother's success with the Jets helps him, and his brother's style with the Jets hurts him, too. Not every team is willing to hire a Ryan brother. If his Cowboys make the playoffs, his candidacy might start getting more oxygen.

Ryan's potential candidacy says more about the attention that a coordinator job with the Cowboys receives than his actual performance. It's pretty easy to argue that he did more in Cleveland, considering what he had on hand.

Read Banks' whole piece here.

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