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NFL Week 16 Picks

Will the Cowboys and their fans lock up a playoff spot for a Christmas present this year? The staff at SB Nation Dallas picks each and every game, including the Jets/Giants and Cowboys/Eagles.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 22:  A Indianapolis Colts  cheerleader performs during the NFL against  the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 22, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 22: A Indianapolis Colts cheerleader performs during the NFL against the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 22, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Christmas comes on a Sunday this year, which means a full slate of games, save for one Thursday, Sunday and Monday night game, comes on a Saturday this year. Cowboys fans will know if they can clinch the division for a Christmas present, or if they'll need Week 17 by the time they even kick off, as the Jets and Giants play at 12 p.m. CT.

As always, the staff at SB Nation Dallas picks each and every game in the NFL, and it's hard to believe that we're into Week 16 already.

Broncos (8-6) at Bills (5-9) - Looks like America needed Brady, Belichick and co. to cool down Tim Tebow fever. Still, the Broncos head to Buffalo to take on the reeling Bills. This is sort of a funny game, as their seasons have gone in opposite directions all season long.

  • Liam Ponting: Broncos
  • Maurice London: Broncos
  • Robbie Griffin: Bills - Tebow is not really good. The Broncos are not so good that they can beat teams on the road.
  • K.D. Drummond: Bills - Tim Tebow has to take a 'well, what do we say now?' loss
  • Christopher Fittz: Broncos - Tebow losing on Christmas? Not possible.
  • Brett Perryman: Broncos - Like He's going to let a playoff spot slip away now.
  • JP Starkey: Bills - Too cold for Tebow in Buffalo.

Cardinals (7-7) at Bengals (8-6) - Who knew that the Cardinals were 7-7? Arizona's playoff chances might as well be nil, but the Bengals are still very much so alive in the AFC Wild Card race. Ginger quarterback and friends cannot afford another loss, though.

  • Ponting: Bengals
  • London: Bengals
  • Griffin: Bengals - Bengals are good.
  • Drummond: Cardinals - John Skelton, son.
  • Fittz: Cardinals - Will Patrick Peterson let them play in his reindeer games?
  • Perryman: Bengals - This is a pretty tough call. The Cards won't be rolling over for anyone. It's a huge game for the Bengals, though.
  • Starkey: Bengals - The Ginger won't lose this one.

Jaguars (4-10) at Titans (7-7) - It looks like the dream is over for Hasselhoff and the Titans. That said, they may have drafted a better quarterback last year than the Jags, as Jake Locker has looked better than Blaine Gabbert this year.

  • Ponting: Titans
  • London: Titans
  • Griffin: Titans - I'm excited to see what statements other people come up with to make this game sound interesting.
  • Drummond: Titans - Have you seen the Jaguars recently? Me neither.
  • Fittz: Titans - The game for those who have been naughty.
  • Perryman: Titans - Good game to watch if you're into rookie QBs.
  • Starkey: Titans - CJ2K is the difference.

Raiders (7-7) at Chiefs (6-8) - Someway, somehow, all four teams in the AFC West are mathematically alive with just two weeks left to play in the season, with the Broncos in the driver's seat. Raiders fans can only wonder what would have happened this year if Darren McFadden remained healthy.

  • Ponting: Raiders
  • London: Chiefs
  • Griffin: Raiders - I'm a little shocked at how much action the Chiefs are getting.
  • Drummond: Raiders - Sorry, Romeo. Interim runs out in 8 days.
  • Fittz: Raiders - In the NFL, the team that beat the Packers would lose to the team that lost to them by a million.
  • Perryman: Raiders - This is such a stupid division.
  • Starkey: Chiefs - Thank you, Romeo Crennel.

Dolphins (5-9) at Patriots (11-3) - Ho hum, what a shock, the Patriots are in line for a first round bye and the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC -- not that it did them a lot of good last year. Still, the Patriots clinch a first round bye with a win and the Dolphins improve their draft position with a loss.

  • Ponting: Patriots
  • London: Patriots
  • Griffin: Patriots - I'm always wary of Patriots/Dolphins games when the Pats are good.
  • Drummond: Patriots - Tom Brady, son.
  • Fittz: Patriots - Tom Brady is still a Christmas miracle but the defense is a lump of coal in the stocking.
  • Perryman: Patriots - It's hard to see the Pats throwing away home field now.
  • Starkey: Patriots - Too bad Brees will end up with more passing yards than Brady.

Giants (7-7) at Jets (8-6) - The Battle of New York! We've all probably heard about it enough this week, but this should be a pretty good game. It makes me a little queasy that Cowboys fans will be rooting for the Jets.

  • Ponting: Giants
  • London: Jets
  • Griffin: Giants - Homefield doesn't really exist here, and I'm not sure the Jets can handle the Giants passing game. I'm hopeful, though!
  • Drummond: Jets - I predicted at the beginning of the year they'd get Coughlin fired. This is the game.
  • Fittz: Jets - I'm dreaming of a New York Narcissism Christmas.
  • Perryman: Jets - I have no idea what happens here, but the Jets have to win to make my Eagles prediction come true.
  • Starkey: Giants - Nope, sorry Eagles.

Rams (2-12) at Steelers (10-4) - Ben Roethlisberger is out, which means that the Steelers probably win by 13 instead of 20. Thanks to Indianapolis' win on Thursday, the Rams are still mathematically alive for the No. 1 overall selection in next April's draft.

  • Ponting: Steelers
  • London: Steelers
  • Griffin: Steelers - Hahahahaha!
  • Drummond: Steelers - The Rams, unlike the Colts, would like Andrew Luck rights, right?
  • Fittz: Steelers - The Steelers should still win even without Ben Burgermeister Meisterburger.
  • Perryman: Steelers - This will be like the bully trying to recover his manhood by beating up a sickly mathlete.
  • Starkey: Steelers - Sorry, St. Louis.

Vikings (2-12) at Redskins (5-9) - Remember when the Redskins were in first place in the NFC East? Yeah, that's a distant memory. Not as distant as the Vikings nearly going to the Super Bowl with Brett Favre, though.

  • Ponting: Redskins
  • London: Redskins
  • Griffin: Redskins - I'm glad this game doesn't matter.
  • Drummond: Vikings - All Day. For three hours.
  • Fittz: Redskins - This is like Frosty The Snowman versus a hairdryer.
  • Perryman: Redskins - I respect how hard the Skins have played since they've been out of it.
  • Starkey: Redskins - Whatever.

Buccaneers (4-10) at Panthers (5-9) - So, who had the Panthers having more wins than the Bucs headed into this game? Not me. Probably not you. Cam Newton certainly looks better than Josh Freeman, too. Who knew?

  • Ponting: Panthers
  • London: Panthers
  • Griffin: Panthers
  • Drummond: Panthers - #KillaCam
  • Fittz: Panthers - Will Cam Newton's ego grow three sizes this day?
  • Perryman: Panthers - That Bucs team we saw Saturday night wouldn't beat the Colts.
  • Starkey: Panthers - The Bucs are just not good.

Browns (4-10) at Ravens (10-4) - Old Browns host new Browns. This one will probably get ugly in a hurry, as the Ravens are still playing for a first round bye, and possibly homefield advantage if the Patriots stumble the next two weeks.

  • Ponting: Ravens
  • London: Ravens
  • Griffin: Ravens
  • Drummond: Ravens - They got gifted the AFC North with the Rothlishbkeeiaefajhfberger injury.
  • Fittz: Ravens - "We're gonna shoot your eyes out." - Ravens defense to Colt McCoy.
  • Perryman: Ravens - See Steelers comment.
  • Starkey: Browns - This actually seems like a game the Ravens would randomly lose for no reason.

Chargers (7-7) at Lions (9-5) - The Lions can save their season and clinch a playoff berth with a win in this game, but it won't really be easy, as the Chargers are coming off a pretty convincing win over the Ravens -- and the Chargers are still alive in the AFC West hunt, too.

  • Ponting: Chargers
  • London: Chargers
  • Griffin: Lions
  • Drummond: Chargers - It's December.
  • Fittz: Chargers - The Chargers are the ghost of Christmas' playoff runs past.
  • Perryman: Lions - Detroit clinches their playoff spot here.
  • Starkey: Lions - Detroit Rock City will be rocking. Captain Karl will be doing "The Peener."

Eagles (6-8) at Cowboys (8-6) - If the Giants win, which we'll know by kickoff, this game is somewhat meaningless for Dallas. Still, the Cowboys can eliminate the Eagles from playoff contention with a win, which should give Dallas and their fans some satisfaction. We'll see if Jerry Jones' fears are well founded.

  • Ponting: Eagles - Eagles are far too athletic for the Cowboys on offense and their edge rushers will prove troublesome again.
  • London: Eagles
  • Griffin: Cowboys
  • Drummond: Cowboys - It's December in name only.
  • Fittz: Cowboys - The Cowboys are looking for a miracle on 925 N Collins Street.
  • Perryman: Eagles - The stupid Eagles are going to win the NFC East.
  • Starkey: Cowboys - Vick will do something dumb to outweigh the conservative late game playcalling.

49ers (11-3) at Seahawks (7-7) - The 49ers are still battling for a first round bye, thanks to a pretty big Monday night win over the Steelers. San Francisco gets a decent test against an average team that has probably the best homefield advantage in the league in this game.

  • Ponting: 49ers
  • London: Seahawks
  • Griffin: 49ers
  • Drummond: Seahawks - 49ers finally give up a rushing touchdown to the Skittles Beast. Two in fact.
  • Fittz: 49ers -San Francisco continues to Jingle all the Way.
  • Perryman: 49ers - You have to expect that Seattle will give SF a tough game, but how are they going to score points?
  • Starkey: 49ers - Once and for all, can we end Beast Modes everywhere? I'm looking at you, Brewers fans.

Bears (7-7) at Packers (13-1) - Well, the perfection dream is over, but the Packers still can become the first team since the Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl champs. Not surprisingly, things have gone pretty downhill for the Bears after losing Jay Cutler and Matt Forte.

  • Ponting: Packers
  • London: Packers
  • Griffin: Packers
  • Drummond: Packers - Who would have thought Jay Cutler mattered. Other than every single Bears fan.
  • Fittz: Packers - I suspect the Bears are about to take on a ride on Santa's Slay.
  • Perryman: Packers - It's Christmas Night in Wisconsin against the Bears. They're going to show up.
  • Starkey: Packers - Haha.

Falcons (9-5) at Saints (10-3) - New Orleans can put away the NFC South with a win on Monday night, in 2011's last Monday Night Football game of the season. The Falcons simply need to win one of their last two games to clinch a Wild Card berth.

  • Ponting: Saints
  • London: Saints
  • Griffin: Saints
  • Drummond: Saints - It's in N'Awlins my dude. Throw the beads.
  • Fittz: Saints - Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  • Perryman: Saints - Brees & Co. put away the division.
  • Starkey: Saints - The Saints Are Coming.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.