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NFL Week 11 Picks

Another week, another set of NFL picks from the staff at SB Nation Dallas.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: A Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader preforms during the first half of the Eagles and Arizona Cardinals game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 13, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: A Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader preforms during the first half of the Eagles and Arizona Cardinals game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 13, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which means two things: 2011 is coming to a close and the NFL is chugging right along. It's tough to believe it's already Week 11, but here we are. Playoff pictures in both conferences are starting to set, and the Cowboys are right in the thick of things -- something that few would have imagined a couple of weeks ago.

Without further ado, here's our fearless Week 11 picks.


Jets (5-4) at Broncos (4-5) - OK, so, this game was already played. But like last week, we all submitted our picks ahead of time. It's pretty amazing that Tim Tebow looked like a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez, isn't it?

  • Christopher Fittz: Jets - Tebow completes 17 of 22 passes but the Broncos lose. America officially trolled.
  • Liam Ponting: Jets - Have to figure the Jets will fluster Tebow, and running the ball 90%+ of the time just won't work against decent defenses.
  • K.D. Drummond: Jets - Although it would be funny to watch Skip Bayless explode all over the cameras.
  • Maurice London: Jets - Mark Sanchez is the better QB on the field for the first time in his life.
  • Robbie Griffin: Jets - It's completely wrong that the only thing I can think about with this game is that Tim Tebow will play, but it's true.
  • Brett Perryman: Jets - I wonder what it's like to face Tom Brady and then Tim Tebow.
  • JP Starkey: Broncos - Short week for the Jets after a brutal loss to the Pats. The New Jersey Jets are a cool 1-3 on the road and if the Broncos throw the ball 8-10 times, is Revis even a factor at all? I'll take the upset.

Jaguars (3-6) at Browns (3-6) - Ugly, ugly, ugly. Do people in Jacksonville or Cleveland even want to watch this game? I'd think the fans in Cleveland would intentionally not sell the game out so that the game is blacked out on TV.

  • Fittz: Browns -  I'd probably enjoy watching a replay of Game 6 more than watching this game.
  • Ponting: Browns - I would hate it if I had to watch this game.
  • Drummond: Browns - Why!?! Why dost thou spite me football gods!?!
  • London: Jaguars - Just cancel this game.
  • Griffin: Browns - Ummmmmmmmmmmmm?
  • Perryman: Browns - Heck, I don't know.
  • Starkey: Jaguars - Whatever. 

Panthers (2-7) at Lions (6-3) - Detroit really needs to start winning again, or else they run the risk of falling behind in the NFC Wild Card races. Detroit had better not be looking ahead to Thanksgiving's match up against the Packers, either -- this could be a trap game.

  • Fittz: Lions - Nick Fairley is surely looking forward to his helmet-to-helmet hit on Cam Newton.
  • Ponting: Lions - Lions are in a bit of a tailspin but they should wreck Carolina's defense.
  • Drummond: Lions - Jim Schwartz is a schmuck.
  • London: Lions - Wouldn't be surprised if Cam makes this close but the Lions pull it out.
  • Griffin: Lions - Against the Panthers' defense, the Lions will have another week where people remember their offense can do huge things.
  • Perryman: Lions - Lions get out of the ditch courtesy Carolina's sieve of a defense.
  • Starkey: Lions - This should help get Detroit back on track...for now.

Buccaneers (4-5) at Packers (9-0) - Well, if there ever could be a turning point in Tampa Bay's season, this could be it. A win against the Packers could propel the Bucs, but that's a pretty tough task. For as much hype that the Packers are getting, it's worth noting that their pass defense sort of stinks. 

  • Fittz: Packers - Just like every week, an opponent will carve up the Packers' secondary, and yet, the Packers will still win by a million
  • Ponting: Packers - This one won't even be close.
  • Drummond: Packers - Until they lose...
  • London: Packers - Dat Jordy Nelson.
  • Griffin: Packers - The Packers are entering that territory where we start to wonder which team will knock them off, if anyone does. This is not one of the danger weeks, it seems.
  • Perryman: Packers - Hard to see them losing at home this season. 
  • Starkey: Packers - I want to take the Bucs, but I can't.

Bills (5-4) at Dolphins (2-7) - Buffalo is another team that needs to start winning, and winning now. A loss to the Dolphins would likely wreck Buffalo's already fading playoff chances, as they'd drop back to 5-5. Meanwhile, the Dolphins didn't get the memo that they were supposed to be sucking for Luck the past couple of weeks.

  • Fittz: Bills - Surely the Bills aren't THAT bad, right?
  • Ponting: Bills - Thankfully for the Bills, the Dolphins are considerably worse than the Cowboys. I have a hunch they won't score 4 TDs in their first 4 possessions to take Fred Jackson out of the game.
  • Drummond: Bills - Look at Miami, pretending like they have a quarterback.
  • London: Dolphins - Think the Bills are re-thinking that Fitzpatrick extension?
  • Griffin: Bills - I really do not know what the Dolphins are doing actually playing football games like it matters if they win.
  • Perryman: Bills - Bills bounce back behind better balance. Oh, and they're facing Matt Moore.
  • Starkey: Bills - I still believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think. 

Raiders (5-4) at Vikings (2-7) - Carson Palmer takes his Raiders up north to take on the hapless Vikings. Minnesota looked really, really bad on Monday night, but a huge game from Adrian Peterson could put the Vikings in a position to upset the Raiders and further muddy the AFC West playoff picture.

  • Fittz: Raiders - I think the Raiders are better than the Vikings, which means the Vikings will probably win, but I'm willing to be right while being wrong.
  • Ponting: Raiders - The Vikings aren't particularly good, but these are the type of random games that the Raiders tend to lose. I think this will be pretty close.
  • Drummond: Raiders - Vikes at home is tempting, until I remember they suck. More Palmer tomfoolery.
  • London: Vikings - Upset special. 
  • Griffin: Raiders - One of the tightest games of the week. I think Ponder is good enough to pull out a win at home, but I can't bring myself to do it.
  • Perryman: Raiders - Not sure if you noticed, but Minnesota is really bad.
  • Starkey: Raiders - Carson Palmer will probably turn it over a few times, but Oakland still wins.

Cowboys (5-4) at Redskins (3-6) - The Cowboys need to win games like this if they want to be a playoff team, plain and simple. Santana Moss is out, which certainly helps the Cowboys as well. Hopefully for the Cowboys and their fans, this is an easy win with a short week coming up.

  • Fittz: Cowboys - Almost nothing would feel better than watching the Cowboys do what they did to the Bills but to the Redskins.
  • Ponting: Cowboys - They'll target Fred Davis at least 10 times this game. Cowboys should be able to pull this one out against an unsurprisingly bad Redskins team.
  • Drummond: Cowboys - We're going to beat that derriere.
  • London: Cowboys - I really should be more confident picking this game but I don't trust them quite yet.
  • Griffin: Cowboys - A sweep would be a great addition to a constantly-improving season.
  • Perryman: Cowboys - It won't make a lot of sense, but I can virtually guarantee that the Skins will make this tough.
  • Starkey: Cowboys - Again, appreciate Tony Romo, Cowboys fans. You'll see what I mean if you watch this game.

Bengals (6-3) at Ravens (6-3) - Raise your hand if you had this game being an important Week 11 game. Yeah, nobody, that's what I thought. Cincinnati, after losing to Pittsburgh last week, really needs to come out and make a statement that they can beat the big boys in the AFC North. Good news for Andy Dalton: Ray Lewis is out.

  • Fittz: Ravens - The "Who The Hell Knows What's Gonna Happen" Bowl.
  • Ponting: Ravens - I don't think the Bengals are capable of winning these types of games yet. If AJ Green is out, I don't see how they have any shot.
  • Drummond: Ravens - It's just not your time, yet, Andy Dalton.
  • London: Ravens - Titans. Jags. Seahawks. You're on notice, John Harbaugh.
  • Griffin: Ravens - This one is interesting. The Ravens seem like they're quickly becoming a mess, and the Bengals continue to be better than I think they should be. I, frankly, have no idea what to expect about this.
  • Perryman: Ravens - For whatever reason the Ravens can focus against good teams.
  • Starkey: Bengals - Because why not.

Seahawks (3-6) at Rams (2-7) - Hey, remember when the Seahawks and Rams played in the final Sunday night game last year to determine the winner of the NFC West? Yuck.

  • Fittz: Seahawks - You can't win 'em all every week, NFC West.
  • Ponting: Seahawks - Yawn.
  • Drummond: Seahawks - Why!?! Wait, did that one already... Seattle is better than you think.
  • London: Rams - The Rams finally have a receiving threat in Lloyd. I'm looking at you, Mike Sims-Walker.
  • Griffin: Rams - What an awful football game. Seahawks are better, but the Rams can win at home.
  • Perryman: Seahawks - I can't muster the desire to research this game. 
  • Starkey: Rams - Both teams suck, give me the home team. 

Cardinals (3-6) at 49ers (8-1) - Remember when the Cardinals were good? They clearly need to bring Kurt Warner out of retirement. San Francisco continues to march towards an NFC West crown -- and a bye week in the playoffs, as well. 

  • Fittz: 49ers - I'm annoyed about this so much.
  • Ponting: 49ers - Kolb won't be able to help them out here. That 49ers defense should be able to smother the Cardinals.
  • Drummond: 49ers - I figure they go 15-1 and Dallas faces them in the divisionals. Storyline, set.
  • London: 49ers - Trap game. But the Niners are legit. 
  • Griffin: 49ers - I'm starting to want the 49ers to lose. At one point, it was "look at how good the Cowboys look." Now I'm starting to get faint hopes of a bye week if Dallas can handle New York. That requires San Fran to lose some along the way.
  • Perryman: 49ers - Man, the NFCW is so worthless.
  • Starkey: 49ers - NFL 2011: Where the 49ers are 9-1.

Titans (5-4) at Falcons (5-4) - Tennessee's playoff chances went up a bit with Matt Schaub's season-ending injury. This should be a good gauge of where the Titans stand, as the Falcons, despite their struggles this year, are still a decent football team. Atlanta needs a convincing win themselves after last week's overtime debacle against the Saints.

  • Fittz: Falcons - I would have gone for it, too, Coach Smith.
  • Ponting: Falcons - Yawn Pt. 2.
  • Drummond: Titans - Neither team is as good as they appear, so root for the AFC. Easy one.
  • London: Falcons - Mike freaking Smith...
  • Griffin: Falcons - Look at me, picking the Falcons to win a game for once.
  • Perryman: Falcons - I can't believe that the Titans are on the cusp of the playoff picture.
  • Starkey: Titans - I'm a believe in Matt Hasselbeck. For some reason.

Chargers (4-5) at Bears (6-3) - San Diego needs to start winning soon, or else they'll find themselves battling with the stay out of last place in the AFC West. The Bears, meanwhile, continue to someway, somehow, win. Chicago won't catch Green Bay, but they're right in the thick of the NFC Wild Card race.

  • Fittz: Bears - I can't wait for Jay Cutler to win a Super Bowl. I mean that. Jay Cutler is awesome.
  • Ponting: Bears - Two teams going in opposite directions with San Diego having to travel. I'll take the Bears.
  • Drummond: Chargers - They aren't as bad as they've appeared.
  • London: Bears - Injuries have absolutely destroyed San Diego.
  • Griffin: Bears - I do not know what is up with Phillip Rivers. I feel like any game now he'll break out of it and the Chargers will start winning, but, for now, I'm not expecting it.
  • Perryman: Bears - SD has ridiculous OL injury problems.
  • Starkey: Bears - Philip Rivers is not an elite quarterback.

Eagles (3-6) at Giants (6-3) - Here it is, Philadelphia. The season is entirely on the line, as the Eagles head to New Jersey to take on the Giants. It's a strange, strange day when Cowboys fans are rooting for the Eagles, but that's the case on Sunday night. Plus, Vince Young! It's like you're rooting for quarterback controversy and not the Eagles. 

  • Fittz: Eagles - GO EAGLES!!!
  • Ponting: Giants - Vick has multiple broken ribs and the Eagles are in a freefall. As much as I'd like to believe the Eagles have a chance here, all signs point to that not being the case.
  • Drummond: Eagles - Vince Young baby!!
  • London: Giants - The Eagles won't be doing the Cowboys any favors.
  • Griffin: Giants - Oh geez, I'm suddenly rooting for the Eagles. What a weird transition this year has taken.
  • Perryman: Giants - On the extremely rare occasion that I want the Eagles to win, they never come through.
  • Starkey: Giants - Too much disarray in Philadelphia.

Chiefs (4-5) at Patriots (6-3) - So, never doubt the Patriots again -- check. Matt Cassel will not get to make a triumphant return to Foxboro, as he has been ruled out for Sunday and will probably miss the rest of the year. Get ready for Tyler Palko against Bill Belichick on Monday Night Football. 

  • Fittz: Patriots - Tom Brady wins league MVP.
  • Ponting: Patriots - Bloodbath.
  • Drummond: Patriots - The Chiefs are a really, really bad team and anyone that lost to them should be ashamed of themselves.
  • London: Patriots - Good to see the Chiefs back at complete suck again. They were missed.
  • Griffin: Patriots - 57-7.
  • Perryman: Patriots - This is not going to be a close game. 
  • Starkey: Patriots - And boom goes the dynamite. 

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.