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NFL Week 8 Picks

The staff at SB Nation Dallas yet again picks each and every game in the NFL.

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Not the best weekend in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but there's still over half of the Cowboys' season to look forward to. And for the first time in a few years, that could be a pretty good thing, given how well Dallas has played despite a mediocre record.

Regardless, Week 8 features a pretty important matchup for those Cowboys, as well as a couple other interesting matchups. The staff at SB Nation Dallas trudges onward and upward, picking each game.

Colts (0-7) at Titans (3-3) - Well, it turns out Peyton Manning is pretty valuable after all. Who knew? Joking aside, this is an ugly game, but one the Titans must win if they're going to win the AFC South. And it's also one the Colts must lose if they're going to draft Andrew Luck. 

  • Charley Code: Titans
  • Christopher Fittz: Titans
  • Maurice London: Titans
  • Liam Ponting: Titans - Colts are abysmal. Titans are marginally better.
  • Robbie Griffin: Titans - I knew I was going on a limb by thinking the Colts would be okay, just not this much of one. This is amazing.
  • K.D. Drummond: Titans - Did you see what the Colts trotted out there on Sunday night? Child, please.
  • JP Starkey: Titans - CJ0K might actually have a good game.

Saints (5-2) at Rams (0-6) - Drew Brees and the Saints against the hapless Rams? This could get will be very ugly.

  • Code: Saints
  • Fittz: Saints
  • London: Saints
  • Ponting: Saints - Drew Brees vs. an NFL Europe caliber secondary. This should be hilarious.
  • Griffin: Saints -  There will be no franchise-best ground performance, but the Saints will make the Cowboys' offense last week look pathetic.
  • Drummond: Saints - Did you see what the Saints trotted out there on Sunday night? Child. please.
  • Starkey: Saints - Starting any Saints player I can find in fantasy this weekend.

Dolphins (0-6) at Giants (4-2) - Another winless team playing an early start game? Annoying. The Dolphins need Andrew Luck more than anything, so naturally, they'll upset the Giants

  • Code: Giants
  • Fittz: Giants
  • London: Giants
  • Ponting: Giants - Wow do these games suck so far.
  • Griffin: Giants - If Tebow can beat them without even playing well. . .
  • Drummond: Giants - NY is putrid coming out of the bye week, but Tony Sparano will refuse to let them lose.
  • Starkey: Giants - Not even Ace Ventura can save Miami's season. Poor Snowflake. 

Vikings (1-6) at Panthers (2-5) - Well, if you like watching rookie quarterbacks with high hopes, this is a pretty good game to watch. Christian Ponder now starts over Donovan McNab...which has to end the latter's career, right? Cam Newton is pretty fun to watch, too.

  • Code: Panthers
  • Fittz: Vikings
  • London: Panthers
  • Ponting: Panthers - Panthers build on last week's win, should take this one against a poor Vikings team.
  • Griffin: Panthers - I'm really interested in this game as a rookie QB battle. We saw good things from Ponder last week, but he's still a bit unknown. Newton we know is good, and we know he's at home.
  • Drummond: Panthers - #KillaCam
  • Starkey: Vikings - I'll take Adrian Peterson for the win.

Cardinals (1-5) at Ravens (4-2) - Another really ugly early game. The Eagles sure don't regret shipping Kevin Kolb off. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis probably don't need anybody else on the field besides themselves in this one.

  • Code: Ravens
  • Fittz: Ravens
  • London: Ravens
  • Ponting: Ravens - Cardinals look flimsy, and going to Baltimore won't help them.
  • Griffin: Ravens - This game looks completely unfair on paper, but so did the Ravens' last game.
  • Drummond: Ravens -  Baltimore returns home after an embarassing effort on Monday night and feast on Kevin Kolb.
  • Starkey: Ravens - Kurt Warner still might be Arizona's best option at quarterback. 

Jaguars (2-5) at Texans (4-3) - Well, if the Texans want to make the playoffs, this is the type of game they need to win. The Jags proved on Monday night they can't be taken lightly, beating the Ravens.

  • Code: Texans
  • Fittz: Jaguars
  • London: Texans
  • Ponting: Texans - Still waiting for a decent game. 
  • Griffin: Texans - This game looks completely unfair on paper, but so did the Jaguars' last game.
  • Drummond: Texans - After what they did to the Titans without AJ and Super Mario, I have to believe. But I don't want to.
  • Starkey: Texans - Jaguars can't pull off two straight big upsets.

Redskins (3-3) at Bills (4-2) - The Toronto Bills! Both teams need this game to stay competitive in their races. Washington can ill-afford to fall under .500, and the Bills need to try to keep pace with the Patriots and the AFC Wild Card teams.

  • Code: Bills
  • Fittz: Bills
  • London: Bills
  • Ponting: Bills - John Beck: Not the answer unless the question is "Which terrible QB is playing for the Redskins this week?"
  • Griffin: Bills - The Cowboys will probably get no help from the Dolphins in week eight, but maybe the Bills can pitch in.
  • Drummond: Bills - Sure, let's have games in foreign countries. This is working out great!
  • Starkey: Bills - Just because John Beck is so bad.

Lions (5-2) at Broncos (2-4) - Tim Tebow meets Detroit's defensive line in this one. This could get pretty ugly, until there's 3:11 left in the game and Tebow turns into Tom Brady and Joe Montana's lovechild. 

  • Code: Lions
  • Fittz: Lions
  • London: Lions
  • Ponting: Lions - Tebow's going to get destroyed. If you take 7 sacks against the Dolphins, that Lions line is going to eat him up.
  • Griffin: Lions - Denver has a shot, beyond just being at home. Tebow's one skill can keep him away from Detroit's pressure, and his receivers will be able to get open against the Lions' secondary. An open receiver can catch even an awful pass.
  • Drummond: Broncos - If Jim Schwartz tries to curse at Tim Tebow, will he be struck down by lightning?
  • Starkey: Lions - Tim Tebow mania cools down a bit.

Patriots (5-1) at Steelers (5-2) - Arguably the game of the week here. Brady and the Pats visit Roethlisberger and the Steelers. New England typically plays pretty well in Pittsburgh. 

  • Code: Patriots
  • Fittz: Patriots
  • London: Patriots
  • Ponting: Patriots - First good game of the week. The Steelers aren't particularly convincing this year, particularly on defense, and that's not a good omen against the Pats.
  • Griffin: Steelers - It's that week where I root for the Patriots! Going with the home team, though.
  • Drummond: Steelers - Mike Wallace coming out party. The Pats released Leigh Bodden?!
  • Starkey: Patriots - Brady is the quarterback and Belichick is the coach, right? OK then.

Browns (3-3) at 49ers (5-1) - Who knew back when the Cowboys beat the 49ers that it'd be San Francisco's only loss headed into Week 8? Jim Harbaugh's highstepping antics work after all.

  • Code: 49ers
  • Fittz: 49ers
  • London: 49ers
  • Ponting: 49ers - 49ers defense will be too stifling. Offense will do enough to win.
  • Griffin: 49ers - It's a battle of two ground games -- one that's actually used, and one that is not.
  • Drummond: 49ers - I admit it. I root for teams that the Cowboys have beaten because it makes the victory look better.
  • Starkey: Browns - It's a trap!

Bengals (4-2) at Seahawks (2-4) - The Bengals are 4-2 and picked up a first and second rounder for Carson Palmer? What a fortunate few months for the Bengals and their fans. Trap game here, though, headed into Seattle. 

  • Code: Bengals
  • Fittz: Bengals
  • London: Bengals
  • Ponting: Seahawks - Just give me the home team.
  • Griffin: Bengals - Tempted to go with the home team, but not tempted enough.
  • Drummond: Bengals - Andy Dalton. Who knew?
  • Starkey: Seahawks - I'll take the home team, since it's in Seattle as well. 12th man, etc. etc.

Cowboys (3-3) at Eagles (2-4) - Dallas has an excellent opportunity to land what could be a knockout blow on the Eagles. If the Eagles win, though, the NFC East is entirely up for grabs, with the Giants likely being the front runners (assuming they beat the Dolphins). The good news for Dallas, though, is that Philadelphia, New York and Washington still have to play New England. 

  • Code: Eagles
  • Fittz: Cowboys
  • London: Cowboys
  • Ponting: Eagles - Dallas has a better shot at this than I thought going into the season, but if they're going to win one of the games against the Eagles, it's still not likely to be this one.
  • Griffin: Eagles - I really think I believe, at this point, the Cowboys are better, just not better enough to be favorites on the road. There are not enough words to explain how huge this win would be, though.
  • Drummond: Eagles - Even without Eagles-killer Felix Jones, Dallas is constructed to beat Philly.
  • Starkey: Cowboys - The hiring of Rob Ryan pays dividends in this game.

Chargers (4-2) at Chiefs (3-3) - A second lease on life for Todd Haley and the Chiefs. They started the year looking totally hapless, but a win against the Chargers and they're right back in the thick of things halfway through the year.

  • Code: Chargers
  • Fittz: Chargers
  • London: Chargers
  • Ponting: Chargers - Yawn.
  • Griffin: Chargers - Still not buying the Chiefs as suddenly good. Even after last season. This is the game they can change my mind with.
  • Drummond: Chiefs - Yeah, I said it. Incredible turnaround despite injuries and Matt Cassell.
  • Starkey: Chiefs - This is a game Norv Turner will find a way to lose.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.