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NFL Week 7 Picks

Week 7 is upon us, and the staff at SB Nation Dallas picks the winner of each and every game.

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As always, SB Nation Dallas is back with weekly picks. We're already up to Week 7 in the NFL, and the Cowboys are still looking for their third win of the season. They play host to a pretty hapless Rams team, so they'll likely get it this week. 

Week 7's slate looks interesting, but all of the interesting games are the early ones. The late games this week? Not so much. The prime time games? Terrible. 

Seahawks (2-3) at Browns (2-3) - The Mike Holmgren Bowl? Charlie Whitehurst and Colt McCoy are the starting quarterbacks in this game. Unless you're a fan of either team, I cannot think of any legitimate reason to watch this game. 

  • Christopher Fittz: Cleveland
  • KD Drummond: Seattle - Since when did we start picking semi-pro games?
  • Liam Ponting: Seattle - The Seahawks aren't particularly good but the Browns are worse.
  • Maurice London: Seattle - This Whitehurst vs. McCoy matchup is riveting.
  • Brett Perryman: Cleveland - Colt Throws 48 passes, checks down 43 times, Browns win 13-9.
  • JP Starkey: Cleveland - Two crappy teams, but one of them is going three time zones away.

Falcons (3-3) at Lions (5-1) - Tough game for the Falcons, who need a win pretty badly. Mercifully, the Lions don't have a bye week this week, so we can put the whole Harbaugh/Scwartz thing behind us once the Lions actually take the field again.

  • Fittz: Atlanta
  • Drummond: Atlanta - Detroit isn't 5-1 good. They just aren't.
  • Ponting: Detroit - Lions bounce back after a tough loss last week. Sincerely hope Jim Schwartz tries to get into it with Mike Smith.
  • London: Detroit - Falcons o-line + Lions d-line= pray for Matt Ryan.
  • Perryman: Detroit - Everybody be cool and let the Lions win this week so that Jim Schwartz doesn't freak out.
  • Starkey: Detroit - For whatever reason, I'm glad the Falcons aren't good.

Texans (3-3) at Titans (3-2) - This is what a big game in the AFC South looks like when Peyton Manning is injured. Regardless of how uninspiring these two teams are, this is a pretty big game and it could play a pretty big factor in the AFC South playoff race.

  • Fittz: Tennessee
  • Drummond: Tennessee - Better team due to injuries.
  • Ponting: Houston - Look, the Texans are eternally disappointing, I acknowledge that...but they should be able to handle Tennessee even without Andre Johnson and Mario Williams.
  • London: Houston - Have to stay on that 9-7 pace.
  • Perryman: Houston - Why is it that every Texans rivalry is only a rivalry to them, not the other team?
  • Starkey: Tennessee - I'll take Hasselhoff over Schaub.

Broncos (1-4) at Dolphins (0-5) - The Tim Tebow era begins with a Tim Tebow homecoming? Divine intervention or the Broncos' master plan all along? You be the judge. 

  • Fittz: Miami
  • Drummond: Miami - Just because Tim Tebow sold 20,000 tickets for them, the Dolphins will continue to disappoint most of the fans in attendance.
  • Ponting: Denver - Miami's in full Andrew Luck mode. Denver's picked an awesome week to make Tebow look great.
  • London: Denver - Over/under 4 weeks before Broncos fans want Orton back.
  • Perryman: Denver - Let's just say that a certain omniscient, omnipotent being isn't terribly excited about the idea of the Dolphins getting their first win in his favorite QB's first start.
  • Starkey: Denver - How depressing is it going to be for Dolphins players to hear most of the crowd in Miami rooting for Denver?

Chargers (4-1) at Jets (3-3) - One of the more interesting matchups of the day, as the Chargers look to prove they can beat a legitimate team on the east coast, and the Jets look to prove that they're an above average team. 

  • Fittz: New York
  • Drummond: San Diego - Gates is back. End of discussion.
  • Ponting: New York - The Jets aren't the better team, but it's a long trip for SD.
  • London: San Diego - Ryan Matthews is going to tear that defense up.
  • Perryman: New York - After the game, Philip Rivers and Mike Francesca block the entrance to the Jets locker room until Darrelle Revis admits he interfered with Vincent Jackson on that play in the second quarter.
  • Starkey: New York - This just seems like a game Norv Turner loses.

Bears (3-3) at Buccaneers (4-2) - Why do the Buccaneers play in London again? Is there some strange obsession with Tampa Bay in England? 

  • Fittz: Chicago
  • Drummond: Tampa Bay - I know both teams are playoff contenders, but this game, especially the location, is extremely disinteresting
  • Ponting: Chicago - I still have no faith in Tampa. 
  • London: Tampa Bay - Let's market the NFL in England by showcasing Jay Cutler!
  • Perryman: Tampa Bay - Ello guvnah, why does this cheeky Cutler chap wind up down on the pitch with the ball still in his hands so often? Brilliant.
  • Starkey: Chicago - I refuse to believe in the Bucs.

Redskins (3-2) at Panthers (1-5)  - The John Beck era begins as the Redskins visit the Panthers. Give it two weeks and fans will be clamoring for Sexy Rexy back under center. Cam Newton, meanwhile, has a winnable game at his doorstep with this one.

  • Fittz: Washington
  • Drummond: Washington - I wonder if Deion Sanders still feels that Rex Grossman is the best QB in the NFC East
  • Ponting: Carolina - I have a feeling that John Beck will end up being just as bad as Rex (although not as bad as Rex from last week).
  • London: Carolina - Cam takes advantage of the Redskins' trainwreck QB situation to get his 2nd win.
  • Perryman: Washington - The QB play in this game will not match the final score.
  • Starkey: Carolina - Not buying the Redskins. 

Chiefs (2-3) at Raiders (4-1) - It doesn't look like Carson Palmer is going to start on Sunday, so get ready for the very brief Kyle Boller era. If the Chiefs want to climb back into the race, this is a must-win game, as they'd be evened up at .500 and just a game behind the Raiders, while the Chargers play the Jets.

  • Fittz: Oakland
  • Drummond: Oakland- Quit hating, Oakland is legit, even with the bum known as Carson Palmer taking over.
  • Ponting: Oakland - I still can't believe they gave up a 1st and 2nd for Carson Palmer. That is absolutely mind-boggling.
  • London: Oakland - Bear trap possibility but DMAC should insure the win.
  • Perryman: Oakland - High degree of difficulty for the Raiders this week, except that they're hosting the Chiefs
  • Starkey: Oakland - Darren McFadden is going to rush like, 73 times. 

Steelers (4-2) at Cardinals (1-4) - Another Super Bowl rematch this year? Too bad this one is as terrible as it looks. It's amazing how inept Kevin Kolb has been.

  • Fittz: Pittsburgh
  • Drummond: Pittsburgh- Pitt continues to beat up on the bad teams and their fans continue to think they're still good.
  • Ponting: Pittsburgh - Feels like the Steelers generally find a way to win these type of games.
  • London: Pittsburgh - Kevin Kolb is truly awful. 
  • Perryman: Pittsburgh - I still don't think they have their act together. 
  • Starkey: Pittsburgh - Poor Larry Fitzgerald. Another year of his career wasted with a crap quarterback.

Rams (0-5) at Cowboys (2-3) - St. Louis vs. Texas Dallas, football style. Sam Bradford is a game time decision, but that shouldn't matter either way. Dallas' three losses this year have come in very winnable games, and they're a 2-3 team...but, they're a pretty damn good 2-3 team.

  • Fittz: Dallas
  • Drummond: Dallas - Last time these two teams faced off it got so ugly Fox changed from the game. Ugly in favor of the 2-14 Rams.
  • Ponting: Dallas - Win against a terrible team that won't really mean anything in the long-run. Hooray.
  • London: Dallas - If this game is decided by less than 4 points...
  • Perryman: Dallas - Can we please have just one easy win?
  • Starkey: Dallas - If the Cowboys lose this, they're hopeless. 

Packers (6-0) at Vikings (1-5) - Over/under on how many "McNabb is 'Pondering' his future" lines during the pregame, game and postgame for this is set at 8.5. Give me the over. 

  • Fittz: Green Bay
  • Drummond: Green Bay - It's the Christian Ponder era!
  • Ponting: Green Bay - Ponder's not going to enjoy his debut.
  • London: Green Bay - Poor Adrian Peterson. 
  • Perryman: Green Bay - Not long ago Vikings fans were reveling in beating the Packers with their own legendary QB. This week they'll play a rookie vs. Aaron Rodgers and sit through a half dozen imaginary championship belt demonstrations.
  • Starkey: Green Bay - At least Minnesota's WNBA team won the title, right?

Colts (0-6) at Saints (4-2) - Once again, Super Bowl rematch. Except this won't have a pretty important player playing in the game. This one should get ugly.

  • Fittz: New Orleans
  • Drummond: New Orleans - The Colts late game fumble and subsequent Bengals TD return ruined the cover for two HUGE parlays for me. Don't care? I don't care if you don't care.
  • Ponting: New Orleans - Saints had no business losing to Tampa, but this is obviously a comfortable win.
  • London: New Orleans - Another horrendous primetime game.
  • Perryman: New Orleans - Nope, not this week either. 
  • Starkey; New Orleans - The World Series will actually outdraw the Sunday Night Football game this year.

Ravens (4-1) at Jaguars (1-5) - Monday Night Football did it again. What a treat. This time, we get one of the most ferocious defenses in the league against a rookie quarterback and awful team. 

  • Fittz: Baltimore
  • Drummond: Baltimore - The NFL gave Jacksonville a going away MNF present... the Jags will be in LA in three years
  • Ponting: Baltimore - Poor ESPN...they've had miserably bad games almost every week.
  • London: Baltimore - At least Indy/NO looked good on paper at the beginning of the year. I can't explain this one.
  • Perryman: Baltimore - I'm getting pretty tired of the Ravens being good.
  • Starkey: Baltimore - The World Series will actually outdraw the Monday Night Football game this year.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.