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Mike Vick And The Eagles: What Do You Want Done?

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Against all odds, Mike Vick made his return as an NFL starter this season, and was great at it. Better than ever. I won't give you the details, because you already know, and it's not very fun to talk about.

The Eagles now have a decision to make with Vick, who's a free agent. Do they commit to him long term, expecting him to stay healthy and productive and he travels in to his 30s? Or should they give him a long-term deal regardless, out of a sense of charity as I heard Brian Kenny suggest on the radio last night. Matt Mosely discusses the idea of applying the Franchise tag to Vick, keeping him for an extra year, and cites Philadelphia columnist John Smallwood claiming such a thing would ruin the relationship between Vick and the Eagles. I would think there may be some truth to that, and you risk losing out on retaining Vick long term if you do franchise him. You may or may not also buy in to franchising him as being cold and ruthless, like Kenny and Smallwood.

There's also Kolb, the one time Future of the Franchise. Adam Caplan suggests Kolb could be traded if the Eagles hang on to Vick. I would think that's extremely likely if Vick is signed long term, and either case sets back the plans for Kolb and could push him elsewhere once Philadelphia loses the rights to him.

All discussion is based on what the Eagles should do. But, as a Cowboys fan (which you most likely are if you're reading this), what do you hope the Eagles do? What do you feel would help the Cowboys most by helping the Eagles least?

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