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Notes From Jerry Jones In His Emotional Press Conference To Announce Coaching Change

Notes from Jerry Jones in his press conference:

- ‘This is not an admission of defeat or finality for this season.’

- Players will be evaluated by hard play for the rest of the season. He wants to see players who play ‘winning’ football and play for their team, who prepare and play smart.

- He is concerned about the next eight games, not the long term, in regard to his head coach.

- Jason Garrett has the right ‘temperament’ and ‘disposition’ to improve the culture. He has produced as a coordinator, has good organizational and leadership skills. He’s smart.

- Paul Pasqualoni, the new defensive coordinator, has the right disposition for this job.

- He changed his mind on this move since Saturday.

- He wants to see stats translated to wins.

- Once the defense faltered, Wade’s value was diminished. He doesn’t regret not making a decision sooner, but he believed that the defense would adjust and improve. It never did.

- Garrett could get the job long term if he shows significant, tangible improvement. Tangible improvement will be measured by whether the team shows extraordinary desire to win, not necessarily wins.

- (getting choked up) The accountability falls with the players, after they failed Wade.

- Seeing pitiful crowds got to him. He respects the tradition of the Cowboys.

- He doesn’t know how to quantify the leeway Garrett will have to make decisions. He’ll do what gives the team the best chance to win.

- It’s fair to ask whether this is actually a talented roster.

- It is appropriate within NFL rules to promote the assistant head coach to interim head coach, given the Cowboys’ process.

- He doesn’t want to speak to whether he considered other options.

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