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NFL Week 7: Favre Visits Packers, Cowboys Try To Save Season

World Series mania has swept over everybody but we still take the time to look into the future and predict Week 7 of the NFL.

JACKSONVILLE FL - OCTOBER 18:  Cheerleaders of the Jacksonville Jaguars perform during the game against the Tennessee Titans during the game at EverBank Field on October 18 2010 in Jacksonville Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
JACKSONVILLE FL - OCTOBER 18: Cheerleaders of the Jacksonville Jaguars perform during the game against the Tennessee Titans during the game at EverBank Field on October 18 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, the Cowboys lost again last week. Many have buried them for this year but they do have a chance to maybe turn things around this week with a win against the New York Giants. That game won't come until Monday night, though.

On Sunday we've got a somewhat boring slate of games to look forward to. The headliner will be at night when Brett Favre, Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson head to Lambeau Field and take on the Green Bay Packers. The Eagles visiting the Titans and Pittsburgh taking on Miami headline the 1 PM games. We can witness some NFC West ineptitude at 4 PM when the Cardinals and Seahawks face off but most will be watching Tom Brady and the Patriots head to San Diego and take on the Chargers.

Most of us are still swept away by Texas Rangers mania, but we look into our crystal balls once again for Week 7. Charley Code last week led the way, going 11-3.

Cincinnati (2-3) at Atlanta (4-2) - Carson Palmer will have to improve upon his 78.3 rating if the Bengals are going to be a legitimate playoff contender this year. 7 TDs and 7 INTs aren't going to cut it and he'll have to be on top of his game against a very good Atlanta team. 

  • Charley Code: Falcons - I like to see the TO experiment fail. Sorry Esteban 88.
  • Maurice London: Falcons
  • Christopher Fittz: Falcons
  • Liam Ponting: Falcons
  • Robbie Griffin: Falcons - I thought this would be a huge game in the pre-season. I was half right.
  • JP Starkey: Bengals - I think the Bengals suck but I've got this strange feeling that something will click for them in this game, someway, somehow.
  • Brett Perryman: Falcons - Falcons bounce back at home, where they're unbeaten.
Washington (3-3) at Chicago (4-2) - Who would have figured these two teams would have these records here in Week 7? The Redskins played fairly well against the Colts last week but not well enough while Chicago looked pretty poor against the Seahawks last week in their loss at home. 
  • Code: BearsThe Bears have Urlacher and he shaves his head.
  • London: Bears
  • Fittz: Bears
  • Ponting: Redskins
  • Griffin: Redskins - Maybe I should believe in Chicago more than I do.
  • Starkey: Bears - I think Washington could very well win this game but I'll go with the Bears.
  • Perryman: Redskins - This is a tricky one. I'm thinking that Chicago won't get in the end zone here.
Philadelphia (4-2) at Tennessee (4-2) - The Eagles and Titans are both 4-2 and they both play in pretty tough divisions, so they may actually be good teams. Kevin Kolb looks like he'll get the start for the Eagles while Kerry Collins will get the start for the Titans. Battle of the sort-of backups? 
  • Code: Eagles - I miss Vick. Kolb does not. Reed is going be stuck in a quandary when Vick gets out of prison. Wait, I mean gets better. Healthy. You know.
  • London: Eagles
  • Fittz: Titans
  • Ponting: Eagles
  • Griffin: Eagles - Even at home, I struggle with the Titans being favored here. I no longer doubt the Eagles.
  • Starkey: Eagles - I'm not sure if not having Vince Young in there is good or bad for Tennessee but I think the Eagles are a better team either way.
  • Perryman: Eagles - Kolb has his feet on the ground, and the Eagles are rolling.
Jacksonville (3-3) at Kansas City (3-2) - The Jaguars should be banned from Monday Night Football, giving one of the most boring efforts ever last Monday. They're also really going to start Todd Bouman this week. The Chiefs need a win to make sure they stay on top of the AFC West and look perfectly poised to get it this week.
  • Code: Chiefs - I like the Chefs in this one.
  • London: Chiefs
  • Fittz: Chiefs
  • Ponting: Chiefs
  • Griffin: Chiefs - Oh look, I'm finally showing confidence in Kansas City. Watch them lose.
  • Starkey: Chiefs - I wish I picked the Chiefs to win the West and not Oakland. Almost did, too. New England Midwest!
  • Perryman: Chiefs - The Chiefs are going to be very tough at home this year.
Pittsburgh (4-1) at Miami (3-2) - Ben Roethlisberger is back on the field which makes the Steelers pretty tough. Miami came up big last week in Green Bay when they took out the Packers but will face a much tougher test at home. This game will go a long way to proving Miami's legitimacy this year.
  • Code: Steelers - Parcells is gone. The organization implosion begins (see Dallas Cowboys).
  • London: Steelers
  • Fittz: Steelers
  • Ponting: Steelers
  • Griffin: Steelers - This is an interesting game. As usual, Miami seems to be better than I realize, but I think Pittsburgh's still got this.
  • Starkey: Dolphins - Miami finds a way to get this win.
  • Perryman: Steelerrs - James Harrison comes out of retirement just in time to bury his helmet in some poor sap.
Cleveland (1-5) at New Orleans (4-2) - This one could get ugly. The Browns are better than their record but really, not too much better. The Saints are good. This game is in New Orleans and I'm not sure there's much to say about it aside from once again, poor Colt McCoy.
  • Code: Saints - Thank God Colt saved his mediocre NFL career and decided not to return to that National Championship game.
  • London: Saints
  • Fittz: Saints
  • Ponting: Saints
  • Griffin: Saints - The Browns should celebrate any time they force a punt.
  • Starkey: Saints - This will get out of control. It'll be a nice day to have Brees and co. in fantasy.
  • Perryman: Saints - The game shouldn't be competitive, but McCoy vs. Brees is nice for Texas media
St. Louis (3-3) at Tampa Bay (3-2) - Much like the Washington/Chicago matchup, who knew that the Rams and Bucs would each have three wins in Week 7 rather than three combined wins? Both teams have good young quarterbacks in Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman. Neither team may end up in the playoffs this year, but both teams are headed in the right direction.
  • Code: BuccaneersPujoles should also play middle linebacker.
  • London: Rams
  • Fittz: Buccaneers
  • Ponting: Buccaneers
  • Griffin: Buccaneers - The team that wins this game maintains dark horse status.
  • Starkey: Rams - No real logic for this pick. Just a gut feeling, so you know it's wrong.
  • Perryman: Buccaneers - Picking the home team.
San Francisco (1-5) at Carolina (0-5) - Ugly, ugly, ugly game. Matt Moore has taken over again at quarterback but the results probably won't change. The 49ers are a better team than their record indicates but all that matters is the record and the Niners are only one win better than an ugly Carolina team. 
  • Code: 49ers - Come on Singletary! Everyone is rooting for you and I mean everyone. I pick you every week!
  • London: 49ers
  • Fittz: 49ers
  • Ponting: 49ers
  • Griffin: Panthers - What a garbage game. Carolina wins with homefield advantage.
  • Starkey: 49ers - The Bay Area goes into a frenzy with 49ers 2-5 fever!
  • Perryman: 49ers - Moore should help a little, but the Panthers are terrible.
Buffalo (0-5) at Baltimore (4-2) - The Bills are hapless and the Ravens are angry following their loss in Foxboro. The Ravens are always angry after they play the Patriots though. This will get out of hand.
  • Code: Ravens - Not only is Ray Lewis going to creatively paint his face with eye black (see Bryce Harper), but he is going get 6 sacks and 2 picks vs. this inept offense.
  • London: Ravens
  • Fittz: Ravens
  • Ponting: Ravens
  • Griffin: Ravens - The Bills should celebrate any time they get in to the red zone.
  • Starkey: Ravens - I really wish Baltimore would lose because I really hate Baltimore but they won't.
  • Perryman: Ravens - I see two more possible wins on Buffalo's schedule. This is not one of them.
Arizona (3-2) at Seattle (3-2) - That both of these teams are 3-2 is ridiculous but that's the type of year it has been in the NFL so far. This will may end up being a crucial matchup, sort of like Timmy v. Jimmy in South Park but somebody has to win this division.
  • Code: Seahawks - yuck.
  • London: Seahawks
  • Fittz: Seahawks
  • Ponting: Cardinals
  • Griffin: Seahawks - This is Seattle's chance to just take their division by the throat.
  • Starkey: Seahawks - In Seattle is the deciding factor for me here.
  • Perryman: Seahawks - Seahawks love playing at home, and they're not too bad. I can't believe the Cards are 3-2.
Oakland (2-4) at Denver (2-4) - Much like the NFC West, the AFC West is bad. Both these teams are still in it with 2-4 records and much like the Seattle/Arizona game, this could end up being a big game, maybe. For the sake of the NFL though, I hope it's not a big game that we look back on in December.
  • Code: BroncosTebow run ball good.
  • London: Broncos
  • Fittz: Raiders
  • Ponting: Broncos
  • Griffin: Broncos - I don't care about this game. There are a lot of hard-to-call games I don't feel like watching this week.
  • Starkey: Broncos - Also much like the Seattle/Arizona game, I'm just taking the home team.
  • Perryman: Broncos - Broncos overcome disappointing loss last week since they're back at home.
New England (4-1) at San Diego (2-4) - New England has struggled on the road the last few years but exorcised some of those demons with a road trouncing of the Dolphins a few weeks ago. San Diego is banged up with Antonio Gates hurting along with Malcom Floyd - but they desperately need a win here.
  • Code: Patriots - Brady needs a haircut. He looks like Dillon the irresponsible teenager.
  • London: Chargers
  • Fittz: Patriots
  • Ponting: Patriots
  • Griffin: Patriots - I'm struggling with San Diego being favored here. My eyes may suck, but they sure as hell think New England is the much better team.
  • Starkey: Patriots - Brady keeps on keeping on without Moss and gets another W.
  • Perryman: Patriots - Chargers will be featuring Patrick Crayton this week.
Minnesota (2-3) at Green Bay (3-3) - I'm glad there has been a lot of good baseball this week to pay attention to so I haven't had to hear about the Brett Favre returning to Green Bay storyline played over and over and over again. Since I've managed to avoid it, it should be a pretty interesting game with Randy Moss returning to Green Bay where he likes to pretend to moon the fans. Both teams need this win.
  • Code: Packers - Favre has tendinitis of the elbow. He sent pictures to prove it.
  • London: Vikings
  • Fittz: Packers
  • Ponting: Vikings
  • Griffin: Packers - Minnesota's saved season lasts a week.
  • Starkey: Vikings - Moss will have a good game and be the difference.
  • Perryman: Packers - I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Vikings last week. Pack will burn their DBs.
New York (4-2) at Dallas (1-4) - The sky is falling for the Cowboys and they really, really, really need to start winning now and often. The Giants will be in excellent shape sitting at 5-2 if they can essentially end Dallas' season on Monday night. 
  • Code: Giants - The kaboys are the most poorly run organization in sports. Nice stadjium Jerra.
  • London: Cowboys
  • Fittz: Cowboys
  • Ponting: Giants
  • Griffin: Giants - If I had no rooting interest in this game, I'd probably pick the Cowboys. AccuScore and Vegas both like them. I just have no confidence in this team's ability to utilize their talent and win games, especially against good teams.
  • Starkey: Cowboys - They have to win at some point, right?
  • Perryman: Giants - Jerry pep talk doesn't save the day.
Here's how the staff here stack up with the year to date standings: 

  1. Ponting: 57-33
  2. Griffin: 55-35
  3. Perryman: 55-35
  4. Fittz: 54-36
  5. Starkey: 50-40
  6. London: 48-42
  7. Code: 36-24

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.