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Robert Griffin's Walks Out To 'Hail To The Redskins' On Leno

Time to face facts, Baylor fans - the most beloved and acclaimed player in your program's history is a now the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys' biggest historic rival. Check out Robert Griffin III appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" here and here, and you'll notice a familiar (if not reviled) piece of intro music when RG3 joins Jay on set.

There's plenty of choice quotes - as well as a sock delivery to Leno and "House" star Hugh Laurie, a Brit who's likely unfamiliar with RG3's footwear eccentricities - but he also talked about President Obama and marriage (quotes courtesy of USA Today):

"I have met him, I have not been to the White House since he's been there," said RGIII.

"But I heard he is a huge basketball fan, and I challenged him to a game of basketball. But he told me he wouldn't play me.

"He's not afraid or anything."

After a quick pause, Griffin added with a hearty laugh, "I did not say that."

He continued, "(Obama) said that he would play with me. We can play on the same team, maybe take on you (Leno) and whoever else you want to bring," as he hammed for the crowed and pointed at Laurie.

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