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Greg Cosell: Robert Griffin III Has 'Superior Arm Talent' Compared To Andrew Luck

Might the Indianapolis Colts have a dilemma on their hands come April? Ever since they locked in the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, it's been widely assumed that they'll select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck as the successor to Peyton Manning in Indy.

Since then, Robert Griffin III has seen his stock rise, and recently impressed those in attendance at Baylor's pro day earlier this week.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films has certainly been impressed with RG3, so much so, that after evaluating five games of film of both RG3 and Luck, he says that Griffin III is a "superior arm talent and natural passer."

Granted, it's only five games of film, all from this past season, on both Griffin and Luck, but Cosell does have plenty of interesting notes.

Luck was not a special passer based on film study. He is not the same kind of arm talent as Matthew Stafford or Cam Newton.

By contrast, Cosell was quite impressed with RG'3 s arm strength.

Griffin, for a power thrower, was consistently accurate. The better term for accuracy is ball location. That's what allows receivers to run after the catch. Griffin excelled in that area, and just as important, he threw with touch on the shorter crossing routes

Pocket presence is another area that Cosell believes RG3 excels in, even when directly compared to Luck.

He [RG3] did not move when the bodies started closing it down. He threw effectively out of what we call a "muddied" pocket". He did not need much functional space to deliver the ball with velocity and distance. Surprisingly, in my 5 game breakdown of Luck, he exhibited a tendency to move too quickly, to leave the pocket too early.

It's an interesting debate, and one that figures to heat up as we get closer to the NFL draft, and one that will continue for the duration of both RG'3s and Luck's careers.

As things currently stand, it looks like RG3 is more of a unique talent than Luck is, and consequently, the Colts should think long and hard about taking RG3 with the first overall pick -- and leaving Luck for the Redskins.

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