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TCU vs. SMU: Win generally labeled as 'ugly'

TCU bested SMU on Saturday, 24-16, but just about everyone agrees that it was as ugly a win as you can get.

Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The TCU Horned Frogs managed a 24-16 victory over SMU on Saturday, and it was very, very ugly. Casey Pachall and his receivers coupled connect with anything approaching regularity, and the offense as a whole suffered for it. Were it not for a stingy defense that snagged five interceptions from SMU quarterback Garrett Gilbert, they might not have been able to win.

SB Nation's Frogs O' War had quite a bit to say on the win, including their lack of confidence in the team despite its 4-0 record thus far:

I'm still not convinced the Frogs deserve any benefit of the doubt, however. TCU generated no running game whatsoever, and did not start winning the battle at the line of scrimmage on defense until the second half. The tests only get significantly more difficult from here on out. 4-0 covers a multitude of sins, but 4-4 doesn't, and if TCU doesn't improve its line play, it'll be there in exactly four weeks.

They continue to toss out the word "ugly" in regards to the win, and it's definitely fitting. The first half was a tumultuous affair, while the second half only served to undo some of the damage from the first. Next week, TCU will take on Iowa State, before facing No. 25 Baylor. The rest of the season does indeed get much harder from here, with four straight games against ranked opponents to close out the season. Playing cleaner games will be a necessity if TCU hopes to continue winning.

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