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2012 Cotton Bowl: Bobby Petrino Predicts Cotton Will Join BCS

This year's installment of the AT&T Cotton Bowl features two BCS snubs - Arkansas and Kansas State - but Razorbacks head coach Bobby Petrino predicts that eventually the game at Jerryworld on Friday night will be among the BCS family of bowl games, according to CBS Sports:

When I took the [Arkansas] job I was surprised that it wasn’t in the BCS. ... The way we have been treated here and the move to Cowboys Stadium, I certainly think it will be."

Arkansas certainly enjoys a close relationship with Cowboys Stadium - they've played Texas A&M at the facility the last four seasons as part of a neutral site regular season game, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is an Arkansas alumnus - so it makes sense that Petrino would stump for the game's inclusion. But of all the non-BCS bowls, the Cotton seems the closest to joining their ranks, with a state-of-the-art NFL facility and a week of lavish perks for media, players and fans.

Back in March, the Dallas News reported that if the Fiesta Bowl's BCS status was revoked following improprities by its CEO John Junker, the Cotton would be the next in line to take its place. However, with mounting talk of a plus-one system coming to the BCS, it might be included without the ouster of a current member.

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