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Chip Brown: ACC An Option For Texas Longhorns

With the Oklahoma Sooners looking as though they're certain to head to the PAC-12, the University of Texas needs to decide its conference fate. Chip Brown of lists several options for the Longhorns, including joining the ACC.  

Texas has been looking at the ACC as a potential home because ESPN holds the TV rights to the ACC and because ESPN holds the rights to LHN.

UT is hopeful an agreement can be worked out that would allow the Longhorns to hold onto their network and still share in conference TV revenue.

Texas would love it if OU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech would consider going east with Texas to the ACC, creating a four-team pod system in which most of their competition would be against each other (to reduce travel).

But OU and Oklahoma State don't appear interested in that. So who else would the ACC attract to the league if OU and OSU were unwilling to go east? Texas Tech and a couple Big East schools (UConn/Syracuse/Rutgers)? At that point, Texas would be on an island in the ACC, which is unfavorable.    

This scenario, as Brown said, relies heavily on other schools from the midwest region joining Texas in the ACC. 

Brown's other scenarios include staying in the Big 12, headed to either the PAC-12 or Big 10, or declaring independence. 

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