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Warren Sapp: DeMarcus Ware 'Can't Lead Ants To A Picnic In His Own Backyard'

Another sign that football is back: the NFL Network resumed its trolling of the Cowboys and their lack of leadership. The group of loudmouths on the NFL Network set, namely Marshall Faulk and Warren Sapp in this case, who are prone to confuse rantings that make for NFL Films fodder for leadership, spent some time running down various Cowboys and their lack of ability to lead the team.

The segment smacked of trolling for topics, particularly given the difference that coaching leadership made in Dallas late last year and what Tony Romo showed this summer. Sapp, in particular, came up with a line: 'DeMarcus Ware can't lead ants to a picnic in his own backyard' silly enough to gather some headlines (including here), so I suppose mission accomplished.

On a more serious note, we will know a lot more about the caliber of leadership on this team this fall. The page has turned now so that Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Jason Witten are not only the best players on the offense, they're among the longest tenured, and that makes a big difference. Kyle Kosier will be back, so while Marc Colombo may leave the offensive line will still have its brain intact.

Defensively, as everyone knows, the unit is led by its inside linebackers, Bradie James and Keith Brooking. With a more demonstrative coordinator, leadership likely won't be an issue this season. We don't even know who the team's safeties will be, so it's difficult to talk about leadership in the secondary.

Video of a similar June 23 segment is after the jump if you're interested in hastily preprogrammed ranting.

h/t to DCFanatic

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