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Texas AD Wants To Extend Mack Brown's Contract

With several reports floating around the internet concerning Mack Brown's future in Texas, Longhorns Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds said Tuesday that he wants to put those rumors to rest:

"Continuity is of the essence. It's more about stability than anything else. Mack's comfortable with what he's doing right now," Dodds added. "I think he's very comfortable. He's enjoying it. I've been around him 14 years, and he seems to be into it."

"Everything I know points to him being happy and wanting to do it for a while. He is happy at Texas, and we're happy with him," Dodds said. "The culture is good. He understands Texas. He is the right person to be at Texas for all the right reasons."

After a disastrous 5-7 season that forced Brown to fire many of his long-time coaching associates and saw his hand-picked successor Will Muschamp decamp for Florida, the long-time Texas coach has repeatedly said the influx of new talent on the coaching staff and the playing field has re-invigorated him.

And while there's little question about Brown's job security in Austin, a new contract extension would be a departure from the system that was in place with Muschamp, where the young defensive coordinator was given the title of "head coach in waiting" under the assumption that Brown would step down within a few seasons.

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