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Kansas State Vs. Arkansas: Razorbacks WR Greg Childs Ready To Make Up For Lost Season

One of the underlying stories coming into the Cotton Bowl is the re-emergence of former All-SEC wide receiver Greg Childs. Childs' production has been down this season following a knee injury suffered in his junior year, but teammates and coaches have praised his attitude as the Razorbacks prepare for Kansas State on January 6.

From Razorbacks QB Tyler Wilson:

"I think that, more than all the positive things and all the awards and all the numbers, the fact that you can look at somebody and say, 'He was a great teammate' is, in my mind, more important than all that other stuff," Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson said. "And Greg has certainly been that. He hasn't been selfish, and he's been one of my favorite teammates that I've had here."

From head coach Bobby Petrino:

"He's gotten back his speed," Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said. "He's worked hard at it in every drill and practice. So, I've been really impressed with Greg. He'll be back next year."

Childs will have every opportunity in the world to show and prove as he'll take his talents to the NFL when the season is over. Childs seems ready to take on whatever the challenge may be.

"With anybody getting hurt and going through the things I've went through, you always learn more about yourself as a person," Childs said. "Just how you're going to handle this and come back from this. Maybe a year ago I wouldn't have known how I would handle this, but now I do."

Childs and the explosive Arkansas aerial attack will face off versus the staunch Kansas State defense in the Cotton Bowl on January 6th.

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