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NFL 2010: Week 2 Picks

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The staff at SB Nation Dallas-Fort Worth predicts each game in Week 2 as Dallas looks to bounce back, the Mannings square off and the ever important matchup between St. Louis and Oakland.

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Week 2 in the NFL has just as much clarity as Week 1 does. Last week, we saw the Redskins stun the Cowboys, the Chiefs upend the Chargers and Arian Foster running wild all over the Colts. The Bengals "fearsome" wide receiver duo was nowhere to be found when Carson Palmer was attempting a hail mary at the end of the first half in New England - something that could serve as an omen for the Bengals season this year.

Christopher Fittz led the way last week among the staffers here at SB Nation Dallas-Fort Worth. Fittz went 12-4, only incorrectly predicting wins for the Colts, 49ers, Cowboys and Chargers. Maurice London and myself brought up the rear going 8-8 each - but at least I can take some satisfaction in the fact that I picked the Chiefs, Redskins and Ravens all to win. Without further ado, here's our Week 2 picks. Standings can be found at the bottom. Again, if you'd like to pick against us, feel free to do so in the comments section.

This week, we've added our own comments explaining our picks. 

Arizona (1-0) at Atlanta (0-1) - Last week we saw how much the Cardinals and Larry Fitzgerald miss Kurt Warner. The Falcons need a win as much as a team in Week 2 can need a win after looking so anemic on offense in Pittsburgh last weekend.

  • Robbie Griffin: Atlanta - They surprised me last week, but I still think Atlanta is going to be one of the best in the NFL this year.
  • Christopher Fittz: Atlanta - Unlike Robert, I don't think Atlanta will be very good, but they're not Arizona bad, either.
  • Maurice London: AtlantaDerek Anderson is not a professional quarterback. 
  • Brandon Worley: Atlanta
  • Liam Ponting: Atlanta-  I don't know who's sadder about Kurt Warner retiring, Larry Fitzgerald or fantasy football players who drafted Larry Fitzgerald.
  • Jonathan Wall: Atlanta - Ken Whisenhunt will be making a call to Kurt Warner after his game.
  • Charley Code: Atlanta - Arizona is lost without Warner.  Sheesh.
  • JP Starkey: Atlanta - Anderson at QB in a dome on the road against a hungry Falcons team, no thank you.
  • Brett Perryman: Atlanta - Nine points in Pittsburgh can happen to anyone.
Baltimore (1-0) at Cincinnati (0-1) - The Ravens made a statement last Monday night going into New Meadlowlands Stadium and kicking the Jets around. Cincinnati did the opposite last weekend - they showed us very little on offense except for garbage time yards and points while being dominated. 
  • Griffin: Cincinnati - Week 1 gives me pause, but I felt the Bengals were the slightly better team coming in and, especially when they're at home, I'm not ready to change that belief after just one game.
  • Fittz: Baltimore - I think the Ravens are going to be really good this season and I don't think the Bengals will be.
  • London: Baltimore - If the Ravens are going to go to the Super Bowl, they're going to beat the Bengals. 
  • Worley: Baltimore
  • Ponting: Baltimore - Carson Palmer had some pretty looking numbers while chasing a game that was over after a quarter.  
  • Wall: Cincinnati - This game is screaming at me to take the Ravens ... so I'll pick the Bengals instead.
  • Code: Baltimore - The Baltimore D looked nasty in week 1, albeit against the Jets USC led offense.  I take solace in the USC QB NFL woes.  Anyways, Ravens win.  Rex, I liked you before Hard Knocks.  Now I just think you're fat.  You think he'll read this?
  • Starkey: Baltimore - Fred Taylor had a solid game against the Bengals last weekend. Ray Rice will have a monster game.
  • Perryman: Baltimore - Ray Rice gets his season going; Ced Benson doesn't.
Kansas City (1-0) at Cleveland (0-1) - The Chiefs came out on Monday night and shocked most of America with a win over the Chargers in the rain at new Arrowhead Stadium - despite an anemic game from Matt Cassel. Cleveland will be starting Seneca Wallace over Jake Delhomme thanks to an injury - which isn't exactly a downgrade.
  • Griffin: Kansas City - My opinion on this game is entirely based on Week 1 results.
  • Fittz: Kansas City - The Browns might be the worst team in football and the Chiefs looked surprisingly competent.
  • London: Kansas City - Eric Berry gets his DROY campaign started against the interception happy Delhomme.
  • Worley: Kansas City
  • Ponting: Kansas City - Jamaal Charles breaks another long one in this game as the Chiefs take advantage of Cleveland's willingness to let Jake Delhomme do stuff.
  • Wall: Cleveland - Like my Seattle pick, I think the Chiefs come back to earth after Monday night's win against San Diego. 
  • Code: Kansas City - KC looked really good during the sportscenter highlights from week one.  Give me them.  I’ve anointed their draft class as the best in history.  Too soon?
  • Starkey: Kansas City - Matt Cassel won't be as bad as he was last week and that will be the difference in this one. If he throws up another stinker, Cleveland will win - but he won't.
  • Perryman: Cleveland - Chiefs are better, but they’re coming off of such a high and going on the road.
Chicago (1-0) at Dallas (0-1) - Jay Cutler and the Bears are 1-0 thanks in part due to the language of NFL rules. Mike Martz will be faced with a much more difficult assignment this week - the Lions D is not that of Dallas'. The Cowboys, of course, will be having their home opener coming off that embarrassing loss to Washington on Sunday Night Football last week.
  • Griffin: Dallas - Even with a terrible defensive line, the Cowboys had better be able to handle the Bears at home.
  • Fittz: Dallas - If the Lions can asterisk-ly beat the Bears, surely the Cowboys can beat them.
  • London: Dallas - Will the world end if the Cowboys lose this one? Probably so. 
  • Worley: Dallas
  • Ponting: Dallas - Lovie Smith tried his hardest to give the game to the Lions last week.  The Cowboys staff helped hand the game to the Redskins last week.  In the battle of generous coaching staffs, Chicago wins the retarded display of altruism bowl.
  • Wall: Dallas - Cowboys offense wakes up for home opener.
  • Code: Chicago - If the Cowboys can't take down the aging redskins, surely the Bears can beat them.  I mean, they're 1 and 0 baby! 
  • Starkey: Dallas - As bad as the Cowboys offensive line is, there's just no way they'll lose this one at home.
  • Perryman: Dallas - The Death Star is a big factor here, as is the health of Colombo/Kosier.
Philadelphia (0-1) at Detroit (0-1) - Philadelphia will be without starting quarterback Kevin Kolb thanks to a concussion, so we'll see the first post-prison Michael Vick start. The Lions will also be without their starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford, who suffered a shoulder injury in the season opener.
  • Griffin: Detroit - Detroit showed me a little last week, and I think they can take a hobbled, Vick-led Eagles team at home.
  • Fittz: Philadelphia - Detroit essentially beat the Bears but even in doing so, it took practically a miracle taken away by the NFL. The Eagles are better than the Bears and it will probably take a miracle of different sorts for the Lions to beat them.
  • London: Philadelphia - Vick actually looked like pre-prison Vick last week, look for that to continue against a woeful Lions team.
  • Worley: Philadelphia
  • Ponting: Philadelphia - Shaun Hill might be worse at his job than Kwame Kilpatrick.  Aww yeah, political humor y'all.
  • Wall: Detroit -  I have a feeling Michael Vick will implode this week.
  • Code: Philadelphia - I'll never pick Detroit.  Especially without Highland Park's own.
  • Starkey: Philadelphia - If the Lions had Stafford I might reconsider.
  • Perryman: Philadelphia - Philly isn’t going to fall to 0-2 against Shaun Hill.
Buffalo (0-1) at Green Bay (1-0) - Ryan Grant is out for the season for the Packers - but Mike McCarthy had high praise for Brandon Jackson even before Grant's injury. Chan Gailey and the Bills will look to show...something, anything in Green Bay.
  • Griffin: Green Bay - A Bills win would be one of the biggest upsets of the year.
  • Fittz: Green Bay - The Aaron Rodgers for MVP noise will get particularly loud after this game.
  • London: Green Bay - Buffalo's coach is Chan Gailey. That's not good. Also of note, former Trinity Trojan great Dimitri Nance got picked up by the Packers following Ryan Grant's injury.  
  • Worley: Green Bay
  • Ponting: Green Bay - Buffalo's bad and Green Bay's pretty good.
  • Wall: Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers against a punchless Bills defense. 'Nuff said!
  • Code: Green Bay - Green Bay is good and Buffalo is bad.
  • Starkey: Green Bay - Buffalo will get taken to the woodshed.
  • Perryman: Green Bay -  I’d take GB minus 16 here.
Pittsburgh (1-0) at Tennessee (1-0) - Dennis Dixon and the Steelers surprised most with a Week 1 win over the Falcons but now have to travel on the road and try to contain the league's best RB. Tennessee will face a bit more of a contest this week - though the thrashing over the Raiders last weekend is a nice confidence boost for Vince Young et al. 
  • Griffin: Tennessee -  I will continue to pick against the Steelers probably every week they play a remotely competent team until Roethlisberger is back and playing well.
  • Fittz: Pittsburgh - I will continue to pick the Steelers probably every week because they are the Steelers and they always win and I hate them.
  • London: Tennessee - When Vince Young is on he's really fun to watch. 
  • Worley: Tennessee
  • Ponting: Pittsburgh - Dennis Dixon beats Vince Young in a matchup I would've been interested in 5 years ago.
  • Wall: Tennessee - Dennis Dixon is going to get a wakeup call against the Titans.
  • Code: Tennessee - I’m only picking Tennessee because I think the Steelers are annoying.
  • Starkey: Pittsburgh - Vince Young is going to make some mistake to cost the Titans the game.
  • Perryman: Tennessee - Vince Young is better at being Vince Young than Dennis Dixon.
Miami (1-0) at Minnesota (0-1) - Travelling to Minnesota to take on Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre and the Vikings will be a much tougher task for the Dolphins than the hapless Bills. Minnesota will have to show something on offense this week before the state of Minnesota turns their love into hate of Brett Favre.
  • Griffin: Minnesota - Adrian Peterson will go crazy in this game if the Vikings actually give him the ball.
  • Fittz: Minnesota - The Vikings will quickly end the Dolphins best season start in five years.
  • London: Minnesota - Favre. Favre. Favre. But in reality the key to the Vikings fortunes this year is a non-fumbling Adrian Peterson. 
  • Worley: Minnesota
  • Ponting: Minnesota - I don't have a particularly compelling reason.  I just agree with my colleagues and think that Peterson could end up torching Miami.
  • Wall: Minnesota - Adrian Peterson will make up for another mediocre performance from Brett Favre.
  • Code: Minnesota - Favre's paper mache and popsicle sticks ankle will not hold up this year, but this one is in Minnesota and I think he survives another game.
  • Starkey: Miami - Miami will control the clock and force Favre to make bad decisions. 
  • Perryman: Minnesota - Still no Sidney, but they’re back home and should be more in sync.
Tampa Bay (1-0) at Carolina (0-1) - The Bucs are coming off a win against maybe the worst team in the NFL in Cleveland. Josh Freeman did look good in the win but will face a tougher task against John Fox and the Panthers this weekend who look to get back on track this weekend. I'd expect Carolina to run, run and run some more this week.
  • Griffin: Carolina - After seeing both teams Week 1 games, I'm really tempted to take the Bucs, but I'll give the Panthers the edge in their home matchup.
  • Fittz: Carolina - The two worst teams I saw play last Sunday were the Browns and Buccaneers. They just happened to play each other so the Buccaneers have more wins than the Jets, Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, and Colts.
  • London: Tampa Bay - The Jimmy Clausen era will begin by the 3rd quarter. 
  • Worley: Tampa Bay
  • Ponting: Carolina - Matt Moore's terrible, but it won't matter this game. Cleveland ran 23 times against Tampa last week...I suspect that number will increase this week.
  • Wall: Carolina - Give me the home team in a close game. 
  • Code: Carolina - Clausen went to Notre Dame.
  • Starkey: Carolina - I can't find a reason to think that Tampa Bay will win this game.
  • Perryman: Carolina - Carolina’s defense can’t be as bad as they looked against NY.
Seattle (1-0) at Denver (0-1) - Pete Carroll will bring his Seahawks on the road following a pretty big and shocking season opening win against the 49ers. Denver acquired running back Laurence Maroney from New England this past week further confusing the backfield situation in Denver. 
  • Griffin: Denver - I'm just taking the home team.
  • Fittz: Seattle -  I don't know why, but I want the Broncos to suffer. Oh yeah, Tebow and McDaniels are why.
  • London: Seattle - The Seahawks will keep the Pete Carroll era perfect with a win in Denver. 
  • Worley: Seattle
  • Ponting: Denver - The Broncos are at home.  I can't figure either of these teams out yet.
  • Wall: Denver - The Seahawks come back down to earth after last week's impressive win against the 49ers.
  • Code: Denver -  I hate both coaches, but Denver's got Jesus.
  • Starkey: Denver - Eddie Royal will have a big game and be the difference here.
  • Perryman: Denver - Home field matters about as much to these two as anyone in the league.
St. Louis (0-1) at Oakland (0-1) Sam Bradford will make his first road start of his career in Oakland which is probably as good a place to make your professional road debut as any. Oakland's fans should be uneasy and rabid following their Week 1 thrashing in Tennessee.
  • Griffin: Oakland - Once again, just taking the home team.
  • Fittz: Oakland - Seeing everyone in the East Bay not murderous is especially helpful.
  • London: Oakland - What an awful game. 
  • Worley: Oakland
  • Ponting: Oakland - This game doesn't even deserve my (terrible) pithy comments.
  • Wall: Oakland - Two words: Darren McFadden.
  • Code: Oakland - Al Davis is a superior GM and Owner.  Goooo RayDaaaaas.  What a joke.  Did you know that Darrius Heyward-Bey makes more money than Albert Pujols.  Such a comedy.  Despite, their ridiculous personelle management, they’ll actually get a W vs. an almost equally inept franchise.
  • Starkey: St. Louis - I'm already jumping ship on my AFC West pick. Steven Jackson will have a big game and Bradford will make the throws he has to for the Rams to win this one. 
  • Perryman: Oakland - Can I just pass on this one?
New England (1-0) at New York (0-1) - Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense alleviated some concerns many had about the Patriots defense last weekend in their win over the Bengals. The Jets offense was woeful, but even if New England's defense is improved it's still not as good as the Ravens. Sanchez needs a good game.
  • Griffin: New England - Jets are going to have to win this game for me to believe their hype.
  • Fittz: New York - I still think the Jets are better than Monday night's game and they seem to traditionally win these early season first games versus the Patriots.
  • London: New England - Mark Sanchez is not a professional quarterback. 
  • Worley: New England
  • Ponting: New York - I'm going down with the Jets' ship.
  • Wall: New England - The Jets return to their rightful place in the AFC East cellar.
  • Code: New England - I picked the Jets to go to the superbowl after watching the mesmerizing Hard Knocks (Leiv Schrieber's voice is so convincing).  However, after watching them in week 1, I'm convinced that the Jets D can only take that ridiculously terrible offence so far.
  • Starkey: New England - Tom Brady > Mark Sanchez.
  • Perryman: New England - The whole league is going to be 1-1...Well, not these two. Pats are back.
Jacksonville (1-0) at San Diego (0-1) - Jacksonville will take their 1-0 record cross country to take on the Chargers. Jones-Drew should get the ball more than the 23 times he did last week. San Diego will need a win at home not only to avoid being 0-2, but to avoid Vincent Jackson's price tag going up even further.
  • Griffin: San Diego -  Last week was a bump for the Chargers, right?
  • Fittz: San Diego - The Chargers might lose this game and six more and still win the AFC West.
  • London: San Diego - East coast team traveling to the west coast is always a recipe for disaster. 
  • Worley: San Diego
  • Ponting: Jacksonville - MJD ends up killing the Chargers.
  • Wall: San Diego - Chargers offense should make up for last week's poor performance. 
  • Code: San Diego - I do not like to pick the Chargers, because I think Phillip Rivers is probably the biggest doosh in football.  Every time I see him do an interview, I cringe.  He did go to NC State though.  I think the Wolf Pack is cool.  Rivers, however, is a one man wolf pack.  How about that ride in?  ha ha.  ha ha.
  • Starkey: Jacksonville - Cross country or not, the Chargers looked inept against the Chiefs and MJD is a better back than Charles is. 
  • Perryman: San Diego - Another bounceback. The whole league is going to be 1-1.
Houston (1-0) at Washington (1-0) - Arian Foster ran wild over the Colts defense last weekend while Matt Schaub looked pedestrian. The Redskins are also on a Week 1 high after defeating the Cowboys in the season opener on national television.
  • Griffin: Houston - The Redskins won a game but I don't think they looked particularly good doing it. The Texans did.
  • Fittz: Houston - What if the Texans end up the best team in Texas? :(
  • London: Washington - Either team is in danger of a let down game here, but I think it's the Texans that suffer the opening week hangover. 
  • Worley: Houston
  • Ponting: Houston - Arian Foster won't go crazy again, but this will serve as a nice bounce-back game for Matt Schaub.
  • Wall: Houston - Schaub, not Foster, leads Texans to a big road win against a solid Redskins defense. 
  • Code: Houston - The Texans, are, you heard it here first, the best team in Texas.  Arian (he needs a nickname) Foster is going to be a top 3 running back in the NFL at year’s end.  Or, more than likely, the Colts run defense will end up being one of the worst in the NFL and Foster will live up to his undrafted status...
  • Starkey: Houston - If the Texans can beat Peyton Manning and the Colts, they can beat the Redskins.
  • Perryman: Houston - Skins are in for a big letdown as usual after hosting Dallas.
New York (1-0) at Indianapolis (0-1) - Eli Manning and the Giants will look to prove they're for real and make a statement on Sunday night. Peyton Manning, on the other hand, will have to lead the Colts to a win or face a potential two game hole in the AFC South so soon.
  • Griffin: Indianapolis - I'm tempted to take the Giants just because the Colts' offensive line looked so bad in week one and that seems like a good matchup for the Giants. I'm still taking Peyton at home, though.
  • Fittz: Indianapolis - This game is going to be torturous to hear about in the media all week and will likely be a dud on the field as well.
  • London: New York -  I fear Hakeem Nicks and with no Bob Sanders, the Colts will too. 
  • Worley: Indianapolis
  • Ponting: Indianapolis - The Colts are plenty used to having no Bob Sanders.
  • Wall: Indianapolis - Expect big brother to get the best of little brother in a must-win for the Colts.
  • Code: Indianapolis - Eli has dumbface worse than his brother.  Give me Peyton.
  • Starkey: New York - The Giants will run the ball all over the Colts defense. Throw in a banged up offensive line for Indy versus a good Giants line and the Colts will be 0-2. Oh yeah, I'll be watching this game on mute.
  • Perryman: Indianapolis - Can’t pick my SB pick to go 0-2.
New Orleans (1-0) at San Francisco (0-1) - Drew Brees led the defending Super Bowl champion Saints to a Week 1 victory but didn't look so great in doing so. San Francisco will try to show at least signs of life after a completely lifeless performance in Seattle in Week 1.
  • Griffin: New Orleans - I wasn't buying the 49ers hype even before last week's beat down.
  • Fittz: New Orleans - Seeing everyone in the Bay Area miserable is a treat.
  • London: New Orleans - I was actually tempted to pick the Niners here. Saints going to the West coast and everything but then I remembered Alex Smith was still the Niners quarterback. 
  • Worley: New Orleans
  • Ponting: New Orleans - I really want this to happen because I'm pretty sure Mike Singletary will drop trou during his post-game interview.
  • Wall: San Francisco - Mike Singletary will have his team ready for this one. 
  • Code: New Orleans - Whodat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?  The Saints have their own dialect.  This will be their key to victory.
  • Starkey: New Orleans - San Francisco will make this a fairly close game but won't be able to win it. It'll be another few weeks before Crabtree and Smith are on the same page.
  • Perryman: New Orleans -  I don’t have the guts to pick it, but this has upset written all over it.
Standings to date:
Fittz: 12-4
Wall: 11-5
Perryman: 11-5
Griffin: 11-5
Worley: 10-6
Ponting: 9-7
London: 8-8
Starkey: 8-8
Code: - Did not pick Week 1

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.