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Scattered NFL Week 1 Thoughts: Cowboys, Lions And Welker

We still have two games to go tonight to finish off Week 1 but there's still plenty to discuss from the opening weekend of the NFL season. The main thing on everybody's minds seems to be how inept the Cowboys looked on offense last night. As I predicted - basically the only game I picked correctly - the Cowboys fell victim to the Redskins. Alex Barron and the offensive line are going to be the scapegoats for this game and rightfully so, their play was atrocious last night. Barron was simply beat by Brian Orakpo on the final play of the game and the only way to save Tony Romo from a certain sack was to attempt to behead Orakpo. Romo had a nonexistent pocket to throw in all game.

I'm pointing out the obvious by saying the Cowboys had a terrible line last night but the whole world knew it headed into the game. Mike Shanahan knew it, the Redskins knew it, you and I knew it but it doesn't seem like Wade Phillips and the Cowboys knew it. Romo threw for 282 yards with a completion percentage of 66 - but a meager six yards per attempt. It seemed like Romo's only chance for success last night was to have a half a step drop and then get rid of the ball. Why didn't the Cowboys go to shotgun more often? It would at least have bought Romo a little bit more time. 

On the bright side for Dallas, it was only Week 1. They still had a chance to win last night on the very last play despite not playing well. They doomed themselves with an absolutely idiotic play to end the first half and a beheading penalty to end the game - but they still could have won. It's also unlikely that the Redskins will be a force in the division come December, so this loss shouldn't hurt them too much.

Cowboys fans might want to avoid sports talk radio for the next few days - or just focus on the happenings elsewhere across the NFL on Kickoff Sunday.

The ending of the Lions/Bears game was something else. I'm sure everybody's already seen it but in case you haven't - the refs overruled what would have been a go ahead pass by Calvin Johnson because of the language in the NFL rulebook. This is simply like the Tuck Rule redux - a vague rule interpreted by a referee in a controversial manner. I'm sure Lions fans are livid towards referee Gene Steratore - but according to the rule book, he made the right call.

Am I the only one shocked at Wes Welker's ridiculous recovery from his knee injury? The Patriots made him the focal point of the passing game as he lead the Pats with eight receptions, 64 yards and 11 targets. He also was the recipient of two touchdown passes from Tom Brady. I wasn't expecting Welker to be active for the first half of this season, let alone productive. 

Two pretty good games on the slate tonight as well with the Baltimore Ravens visiting the media darling New York Jets before the Chargers visit the Chiefs. It'll be interesting to see how both how the Ravens use their new weapon in Boldin and how well Revis covers him tonight after missing the entire preseason due to his hold out.

I'm just glad football is back.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.