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If I Had A Ballot

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What fun is writing about baseball on the internet if you can't act like a member of the BBWAA now and then? With the Rangers officially at the midway point in the season, here's what my mid-season award ballots would look like, as well as who I would have selected for the All Star Game.

And, of course, please counter with your own choices and arguments.


  1. Robinson Cano, NYY
  2. Justin Morneau, MIN
  3. Josh Hamilton, TEX
  4. Carl Crawford, TB
  5. Francisco Liriano, MIN
  6. Jered Weaver, LAA
  7. Adrian Beltre, BOS
  8. Cliff Lee, SEA
  9. Kevin Youkilis, BOS
  10. Evan Longoria, TB

AL Cy Young

  1. Cliff Lee, SEA
  2. Jered Weaver, LAA
  3. Francisco Liriano, MIN

AL Rookie of the Year

  1. Brennan Boesch, DET
  2. Austin Jackson, DET
  3. Neftali Feliz, TEX


  1. David Wright, NYM
  2. Adam Wainwright, STL
  3. Joey Votto, STL
  4. Chase Utley, PHI
  5. Andres Torres, SF
  6. Roy Halladay, PHI
  7. Marlon Byrd, CHC
  8. Albert Pujols, STL
  9. Matt Holliday, STL
  10. Ryan Zimmerman, WSN

NL Cy Young

  1. Roy Halladay, PHI
  2. Adam Wainwright, STL
  3. Josh Johnson, FLA

NL Rookie of the Year

  1. Jason Heyward, ATL
  2. Jaime Garcia, STL
  3. Stephen Strasburg, WSN

AL All-Star Team

(Actual All-Stars in bold.)


P Cliff Lee, SEA

C Joe Mauer, MIN

1B Justin Morneau, MIN

2B Robinson Cano, NYY

3B Evan Longoria, TB

SS Derek Jeter, NYY

OF Carl Crawford, TB

OF Alex Rios, CHW

OF Josh Hamilton, TEX

DH Vladimir Guerrero, TEX


P Francisco Liriano, MIN

P Jered Weaver, LAA

P Jon Lester, BOS

P Felix Hernandez, SEA

P Brian Matusz, BAL

P Zack Greinke, KC

P Colby Lewis, TEX

P Fausto Carmona, CLE

P Neftali Feliz, TEX

P Darren Oliver, TEX

P Mariano Rivera, NYY

C Mike Napoli, LAA

1B Kevin Youkilis, BOS

1B Miguel Cabrera, DET

1B Daric Barton, OAK

2B Ian Kinsler, TEX

3B Adrian Beltre, BOS

SS Elvis Andrus, TEX

SS Alex Gonzalez, TOR

OF Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

OF Torii Hunter, LAA

OF Vernon Wells, TOR

OF Magglio Ordonez, DET

DH David Ortiz, BOS

NL All-Star Team


P Roy Hallady, PHI

C Brian McCann, ATL

1B Joey Votto, CIN

2B Brandon Phillips, CIN

3B David Wright, NYM

SS Hanley Ramirez, FLA

OF Matt Holliday, STL

OF Marlon Byrd, CHC

OF Andres Torres, SF



P Adam Wainwright, STL

P Josh Johnson, FLA

P Ubaldo Jimenez, COL

P Tim Lincecum, SF

P Roy Oswalt, HOU

P Randy Wells, CHC

P Dan Haren, ARI

P Yovani Gallardo, MIL

P Jonathan Broxton, LAD

P Luke Gregerson, SDP

P Matt Belisle, COL

C Miguel Olivo, COL

1B Albert Pujols, STL

1B Adrian Gonzalez, SDP

2B Martin Prado, ATL

2B Dan Uggla, FLA

3B Ryan Zimmerman, WSN

3B Scott Rolen, CIN

SS Rafael Furcal, LAD

OF Josh Willingham, WSN

OF Colby Rasmus, STL

OF Andrew McCutchen, PIT

OF Aubrey Huff, SF

OF Angel Pagan, NYM

OF Chris Young, ARI

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.