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Nowitzki Confident In Cuban, Believes He Will Do What It Takes To Land CP3

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The German publication Welt Online recently posted an interview with Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki in which Nowitzki expresses his confidence in Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s ability to acquire All-Star point guard Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets. Here’s a “loose translation” from Rob Mahoney at ProBasketballTalk, who found the story at

“Mark [Cuban] will certainly put everything in motion [in an attempt to get Chris Paul].”

Say what you will about Cuban’s attitude, but if you’re a Mavs fan, you have to feel good about the best player in franchise history believing in him. If Paul had the same confidence in New Orleans’ ownership that Dirk has with Cuban, well, we wouldn’t be having this talk, would we?

Mahoney points out that Cuban has $29 million in expiring contracts, as well as talented second-year guard Rodrigue Beaubois, to offer the Hornets for Paul. If New Orleans does decide to dump Paul, that’s an attractive package, as it’d yield salary relief and a top-level prospect. But there’s no indication that the Hornets are interested in fielding trade calls for Paul.

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