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Players Don't Like It Counting

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According to the LA Times blog, the MLB Players Union is opposed to the “It Counts” portion of the All-Star Game:

“The consensus among players was that it was never a great way to pick home-field advantage in the World Series,” [MLB PA Executive Director Michael] Weiner said.

Fine with me. I hate a single game that’s not played or managed like a real game deciding something so important. And I really hate managers thinking that, since it counts, they need to have utility infielders and lefty specialists in the game, instead of just sticking with the best players in baseball.

I’m not sure what I’d rather they do, though. Going by best record may reward a team for playing in a weaker league, and is apparently a logistical nightmare. I do like “it” counting, instead of the every other year thing they use to do.

Selig told Bob Costas in an interview that aired yesterday on the MLB Network that the reason he doesn’t like Interleague Play determining the homefield is because it lacks drama. Whatever, the league that has the best record getting homefield makes too much sense. And, as Costas suggested, if the two WS teams play eachother in interleague, head-to-head could decide it. I guess that just makes too much sense.

Better to have Ty Wigginton deciding if the Rangers get to play game seven in Arlington.

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